What do we make with our blenders?

What are we making in our blenders?

Canstar Blue found that three out of five adults who purchased a new blender in the last two years did so as part of a healthier lifestyle change. And 75% of those said their new blender did really help them achieve their health or weight loss goals.

On the other hand, two in five said they had begun to use their blender to create unhealthy options like milkshakes and desserts.

The trusty Google tells us that some of the most common things that people make are:

  1. What do we make with our blenders?Fruit and vegetable smoothies or lassi
  2. Raw juice
  3. Soup
  4. Baby food
  5. Salsa and dips
  6. Spaghetti sauce
  7. Yoghurt
  8. Chutney and jam

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Other less commonly-made foods include homemade flour and bread mix, muesli bars, taco meat mix and vegetable burger patty mix.

It turns out not everyone is making food with their blenders. Non-food items being blended include pumpkin face mask creams or watermelon body scrub. You can even use your blender to dice your compost ingredients before you chuck them on the heap. Not sure about that one personally…

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