What’s in Australia’s fridges?


South Australians lead the way with vegetables, fruit is most popular in Queensland, Western Australians are most likely to have chocolate, and Victorians are most stocked up on cold soft drinks. We’re talking, of course, about the contents of Aussie fridges.

A Canstar Blue survey of more than 1,100 households has found that Aussie fridges are more likely to contain alcohol (47%) than cordial (19%), more likely to stock soft drinks (54%) than bottled water (49%), and more likely to have chocolate or cakes (46%) than bread (37%).

One in four households (25%) has packaged ready meals, more than three-quarters (77%) have leftover meals and 29% keep medicines, cough syrups or eye drops in their fridge.

In terms of traditional fridge staples, the survey found that:

  • 89% of Aussie households have milk in the fridge
  • 88% have butter or margarine
  • 87% have eggs
  • 76% have yoghurt
  • 59% have spreads like jam or vegemite

Meanwhile 86% of Aussies have vegetables in their fridge, 62% have fruit, 41% have fish or other seafood, and white and red meat are equally as common (59%).

Almost half of respondents (46%) have chocolates or biscuits in the fridge, 49% have bottled juice and 57% have processed sandwich meat.

The state of our fridges

  • The survey found that households in Queensland were most likely to keep the following in the fridge: Bread (47%), spreads (72%), fruit (74%), red meat (62% equal with NSW) and yoghurt (77% equal with NSW). They are least likely to keep the following in the fridge: Cordial (17%), juice (49%), fresh herbs (23%) and packaged ready meals (21%).
  • Households in New South Wales are most likely to keep the following in the fridge: Fish or other seafood (44%), juice (62% equal with VIC), packaged ready meals (28%), red meat (62% equal with QLD), yoghurt (77% equal with QLD). They are least likely to have the following: Eggs (85% equal with WA), vegetables (83%) and medicines (25%).
  • Household in Victoria are most likely to keep the following in the fridge: Juice (62% equal with NSW) and soft drinks (57%). They are least likely to stock the following: Bread (27%), butter or margarine (84%), spreads (47%), fruit (55%), white meat (55%), red meat (57%) and processed sandwich meat (54%).
  • Households in South Australia are most likely to have the following in the fridge: Butter or margarine (94%), bottled water (55%), cordial (26%), eggs (92%), milk (95% equal with WA), white meat (64%), vegetables (92%) and leftover meals (80%). They are least likely to have: Chocolates or biscuits (31%), fish or other seafood (33%) and yoghurt (73%).
  • Households in Western Australia are most likely to have the following in the fridge: Chocolates or biscuits (61%), fresh herbs (37%), milk (95% equal with SA), processed sandwich meat (64%) and medicines (40%). They are least likely to have: Eggs (85% equal with NSW), soft drinks (49%) and leftover meals (75%).

Highest rated fridges

The survey also helped form Canstar Blue’s 2016 customer satisfaction ratings for refrigerators inn 2016. Seven leading brand featured in the results, but only two – Hisense and LG – scored five-star reviews for overall satisfaction.

For LG, it is the second year in a row at the top of the ratings, but this time it is joined by Hisense – a newcomer to the ratings for this year. Both brands earned top marks in five out of the seven research categories.

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