2015 – Petrol & Service Station Ratings

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Looking to save money on petrol? Our service station customer reviews can help you choose a brand to seek out when you’re running low on gas.

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Most Satisfied Customers | United Petroleum

For an incredible fifth straight year, United Petroleum has scored the maximum five stars for overall satisfaction to secure our Most Satisfied Customers award. United’s dominance extended over most of our rated criteria, where they scored five-star ratings in four different areas.

United Petroleum secures our Most Satisfied Customers award for Service Stations

Service stations are one of the institutions that keep our economy running. Supplying Australia’s millions of cars, trucks and buses with fuel means families and businesses can continue to get around quickly and conveniently.

With 39% of Aussies reporting to us in our latest survey that they always fill up at the same service station, what does it take for a chain to differentiate itself from the competition? To help you determine which brands offer you the best experience, we’ve rated petrol stations across a number of criteria based on customer satisfaction.

For an incredible fifth straight year, United Petroleum has scored the maximum five stars for overall satisfaction to secure our Most Satisfied Customers award. United’s dominance extended over most of our rated criteria, where they scored five-star ratings in four different areas.

There was also great consistency on show from the other brands we rated; six contenders scored four-star ratings overall, with Puma Energy, Mobil 7-Eleven, Shell, Coles Express, BP and Caltex all achieving this strong score. Caltex Woolworths was next up with three-star ratings overall; for a full breakdown of how the brands fared, check out our comparison below.

Price of petrol

Petrol prices are first thing you see when you pull into a service station, written in big, bold numbers on the exterior sign. Fuel is the single reason why the vast majority of people visit a service station, so the price that fuel is an important consideration – especially given that a whopping 89% of our surveyed consumers think that Aussies pay too much for fuel. In terms of petrol prices, United Petroleum took out the five-star gong for the most satisfaction regarding their pricing whilst Puma Energy and Mobil 7-Eleven both scored four stars. Behind these three were Shell, Coles Express, and Caltex Woolworths, each with a three-star rating, whilst BP and Caltex finished with two-star price ratings.


Whilst service stations today have lost most of the old-fashioned service of yesteryear – whereby attendants would fill your tank, wash your car and basically take care of your every need – service is still an important part of your experience when you go to fill up. Two brands topped the scores for customer service, with United Petroleum and Puma Energy both achieving five stars. Behind them came Mobil 7-Eleven, Coles Express and Shell with four stars each, whilst the remaining brands each achieved three stars.

Range of other items

As you’ll know if you’ve ever set foot in one, modern service stations more closely resemble convenience stores that just happen to sell fuel. Many have a large range of items on sale that you might find useful, but of course, some have bigger ranges than others; top of the satisfaction ratings here was Shell, with five stars. With the exception of three-star achiever Caltex Woolworths, all other brands scored four stars for their range of products, reflecting fairly even competition in this area.

Appearance and cleanliness of station

Just like any other business, keeping a service station clean and presentable creates a good first impression – especially important for a place in which most people will only spend a few minutes. Our rated brands scored overwhelmingly well with regards to cleanliness satisfaction: United Petroleum and Puma Energy scored five stars, and all the remaining brands achieved four stars for the appearance of their premises.


Both Puma Energy and United achieved five star ratings for the facilities available from their service stations, such as toilets, car washes, restaurants, etc. BP, Shell, Coles Express, Caltex, and Mobil 7-Eleven all finished with four stars, and Caltex Woolworths finished with three.

Frequently asked questions

Service stations fuel not just our cars but also our economy. They mobilise people and businesses to keep our daily lives and our businesses moving forward. There are millions of cars, trucks and buses on our Australian roads and everyone looks for something different from a service station. Whether you look for the cheapest fuel or the services on offer at service stations, the Canstar Blue consumer review will help you find the right choice.

What are some of the main service station brands in Australia?

There are eight major competitors in Australia when it comes to service stations. Below is a list of the eight main service stations in no particular order:

  1. British Petroleum (BP)
  2. Caltex
  3. Caltex Woolworths
  4. Coles Express
  5. Mobil 7-Eleven
  6. Puma Energy
  7. Shell
  8. United Petroleum

How did our survey respondents rate service stations?

Canstar Blue surveyed everyday Australians to find some of the best service stations in Australia, with these five topping the list for overall satisfaction:

  1. United Petroleum
  2. BP
  3. Caltex
  4. Coles Express
  5. Mobil 7-Eleven

If you want to see what else Australians had to say about each of the service stations mentioned here, click on the link above to explore which service stations rank highest for each category.

Not every re-fuel visit is a quick in-and-out procedure. In fact, service stations may end up saving you a trip to the store or provide you with a well-earned rest on your journey.


Depending on which BP you are visiting, you will be able to pick up some groceries along your way. There are three types of BP stations that you can visit: BP Connect, BP Store and BP Shop. BP Connect can be compared to a small supermarket selling a wide selection of groceries, while BP Shop is like a small convenience store selling items like confectionery and newspapers.

No matter which BP you visit, you will be able to grab confectionery, soft drinks, newspapers and tobacco for your journey ahead.

Batteries, Mobile Phone Kits and Recharges, BBQ products and bagged ice are available across all BP stations. Check out Canstar Blue’s comparison of Prepaid Mobile Plans to see what could be on offer.


Caltex have introduced Star Mart at their fuelling stations. Aimed to supply you with a wide selection of everyday items that include:

  • Groceries like fresh milk and breads
  • Automotive Supplies
  • A wide range of magazines and newspapers
  • Snacks
  • Mobile phone SIM cards
  • Tobacco
  • Caffé Aurora Coffee (available at select Star Mart’s)

Caltex Woolworths

Caltex have partnered up with Woolworths for some of their service stations. At Caltex Woolworths, you have access to regular convenience store items like sandwiches, coffee, bread, milk, newspapers and cold drinks. In addition, Caltex Woolworths stock a range of motor oils, firewood, phone recharges and calling cards and gas bottles.

Coles Express

Similar to Caltex Woolworths, Shell have partnered up with supermarket giant Coles for several of their stations. At Coles Express, you can re-fuel your vehicle with Shell fuel and utilise the ‘Express’ version of Coles. Coles Express offers a wide range of snacks, magazines, newspapers, fresh milk, car care products and more. This more ‘compact’ version of Coles is designed similar to a convenience store and not the supermarket.

Coles Express also offers hot food, coffee and mobile credit top-ups / pre-paid plans.

Mobil 7-Eleven

Another fuel and store combination in place is Mobil and 7-Eleven. Fuel up with Mobil fuel and enjoy a snack or food to go. The snack specialists feature a wide range of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, from sandwiches and salads to pies and muffins. In select Mobil 7-Eleven’s there are also Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry’s products for sale.

Puma Energy

Puma Energy stocks quality performance lubricants from Castrol and Valvoline as well as a wide range of groceries. Cold drinks, bread, snacks, coffee, newspapers and hot/cold take away foods are just some of the products that are sold at Puma Energy Service Stations. Designed as a small convenience store, Puma Energy looks to supply you with the essentials you may need on your travels/commute after you fuel up.


Aside from the Coles Express stores, Shell has a number of independent stores that also contain a convenience store. Ranging from snacks to coffee, there is plenty of choice for the traveller and commuter.

United Petroleum

United Petroleum has convenience stores at their service stations in which they stock their own brand products including: Sweeten Up confectionery, Drink Up water and United brand sports balls. As well as these products, United sell café style food like burgers, frozen foods and all the usual convenience goods you would expect like milk, biscuits and snacks. They have also recently introduced their own private range of technology products labelled ‘Tech Up’.

If coffee is a passion of yours, check out Canstar Blue’s comparison of coffees to find out which service station serves the best coffee.

Service stations have a wide range of services on offer that you may not have thought of. Here we will look at the other services that the stations offer.


BP stocks a wide range of oil, lubricants and automotive products to suit your automotive needs. In addition, environmentally friendly car washes are installed at certain BP service stations that recycle 85% of the water used. ATMs are also available at a wide range of locations.

BP also has a wide range of truck stops that include:

  • B-double access and parking
  • Healthy, fresh cooked meals from their restaurant
  • Truck drivers’ lounge
  • Showers and laundry facilities.

They also have 3 loyalty card programs

  • BP Plus
  • Fill up & Fly – Velocity Frequent Flyer Points
  • BP – McGrath Foundation Partnership – Charity Program


Caltex have 5 loyalty cards on offer, so you can find a loyalty plan that fits you or your businesses lifestyle. You can also earn MYER one Shopping Credits as well as earn points on your Altitude Rewards Card.  Caltex also has a Pay@Pump system for the times you need to be efficient (at selected sites). Caltex has a number of workshops and truck stops as well that include restaurants and car washes on site. ATMs are available at a wide range of locations

For the business owner they also offer an extensive range of support and expertise.

Caltex Woolworths

You can also use any of your Caltex Loyalty cards at Caltex Woolworths and access the services mentioned above. You can also use your Woolworths Everyday Rewards at Caltex Woolworths’ stores and receive a discount on your fuel purchase.

Coles Express

At Coles Express, both Shell Cards and flybuys rewards are usable in store, with Coles’ dockets over $30 also applicable for fuel discounts. These service stations often come with an Express Car Wash, described as ‘scratch free’.  ATMs are also available at a wide range of locations.

Select Coles Express stores across Australia also offer a trailer and ute hire service for whatever period of time you would like. This is ideal for those moving home or doing renos.

Mobil 7-Eleven

The main alternative services that Mobil 7-Eleven have on offer are car washes. However, at selected stores across the country they also have Australian Post Parcel Lockers for you to collect your mail securely, as well as trailer hire capabilities and ATMs.

In Melbourne, selected Mobil 7-Eleven’s are also equipped with Melbourne Bike Share bicycles and helmets for easy ride and access to the city.

Puma Energy

Certain Puma Energy service stations are well equipped for the distant traveller as well as the everyday visitor. Their services at selected stations across Australia include:

  • ATMs
  • Car Wash
  • Restaurant
  • Semi-Trailer Access
  • B-Double Parking
  • Showers
  • Trailer Hire
  • Workshop
  • Truck Stops
  • Road Train Access


The services offered at Coles Express and regular Shells do differ in some ways. Flybuys rewards aren’t accepted and trailer/ute higher is not available.

However, the following services are available at select stations in Australia:

  • ATMs
  • Car wash
  • Shower
  • Dedicated Truck Forecourt
  • Semi-Trailer Access
  • B. Double Access
  • Road Train Access
  • Truck Parking

United Petroleum

United Petroleum also has numerous services on offer at selected locations across Australia. These include car washing, trailer hire and IGA.

Overall, there is a wide range of other services provided from service stations across Australia. On top of the information above, all of the eight service stations have restrooms at select locations.

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to regularly survey 3,000 Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have refuelled a motor vehicle at a service station in the last month – in this case, 2,510 drivers.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands receiving three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10. Not all brands available in the market have been compared in this survey. The ratings table is first sorted by star ratings and then alphabetically. A rated brand may receive a ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable) rating if it does not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria.