2012 – Weight Loss Shakes Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue July 19th 2012

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Weight loss shakes inform healthy eating habits, according to Canstar Blue survey

Most Satisfied Customers Award for Weight Loss Shakes - 2012Many Australians are doing their best to shift those stubborn spare kilos, combining conventional dieting wisdom along with weight loss products in their quest to lose weight.

Our recent survey found 85% of respondents consciously made healthier food choices and followed recommended guidelines when drinking weight loss shakes.

It seems weight loss shakes have become a bit of a household staple for some; with two thirds of respondents stating they used shakes more than once per week, and a similar number believing these helped them lose weight.

Weight loss shakes are available for purchase, either through supervised programs such as the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program, or, straight off-the-shelf as a self-driven method for losing a small amount of weight.

Self-guided weight loss targeting only a small amount of weight might account for the 38% of dieters (and 63% of Generation Y’s) who reported they were already in their healthy weight range when they started using weight loss shakes.

As for their motivation for getting trim, roughly half of the respondents felt more motivated to lose weight by people of the same sex, rather than the opposite sex. This was especially true of females when compared to male respondents (58% versus 47%).

Comparing brands across the category, Optifast came up trumps in terms of customer satisfaction and is our 2012 award winner for weight loss shakes. They were rated alongside Celebrity Slim, IsoWhey, Tony Ferguson, ULTRAslim, Bodytrim, Rapid Loss, Optislim and FatBlaster.

Looking closer at our results:

  • Optifast achieved five star ratings for overall customer satisfaction, value for money, availability and effectiveness.
  • Both IsoWhey and Celebrity Slim received five stars for their value for money and their effectiveness.
  • Tony Ferguson also performed well, with five stars for value for money, the variety of flavours they had available and their effectiveness.
  • Rapid Loss received five stars for the taste of their shakes, and Optislim received five for their value for money.

The survey also revealed that many Australians have struggled with weight loss for a long time with more than two thirds having tried to lose weight for three or more years, and one in three admitting last time they went on a diet they ended up heavier than before.

This could be due to the fact that only half of Australians had adjusted their diet but not their exercise levels in their pursuit of losing weight.

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to regularly survey 2,500 Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from weight loss shake customers within the survey group – in this case, 844 people. To qualify, the customer must have purchased and used a weight loss shake in the last 6 months. Brands must receive at least 30 responses to be included.

Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall customer satisfaction

Customers of Optifast were most satisfied with their weight loss shake overall, earning the Nestle-owned brand five stars. Next were Celebrity Slim and IsoWhey with four stars each, then Tony Ferguson, ULTRAslim, Bodytrim, Rapid Loss, Optislim and FatBlaster with three.

Value for money

Quite a few brands tallied five star ratings for their value for money: Celebrity Slim, IsoWhey, Optifast, Tony Ferguson and Optislim. FatBlaster received four stars for this criterion, while ULTRAslim, Bodytrim and Rapid Loss received three.

Taste of shakes

Taste can be an important consideration when replacing a meal with a shake. Rapid Loss was our five star recipient for the taste of their shakes, while Celebrity Slim, IsoWhey, Tony Ferguson and ULTRAslim each earned four. Optifast, Bodytrim, Optislim and FatBlaster received three stars each for this criterion.

Availability (e.g. online, pharmacy, supermarkets)

For the availability of their weight loss shakes in pharmacies, supermarkets and online stores, Optifast received a five star rating. Next were Celebrity Slim, Tony Ferguson, ULTRAslim, Rapid Loss, Optislim and Fat Blaster with four stars each; then IsoWhey and Bodytrim with three.

Variety of flavours available

Weight loss doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your favourite flavours with Tony Ferguson shakes which received a five star rating for variety of flavours. Celebrity Slim were next in line with four stars for this criterion, followed by IsoWhey, Optifast, ULTRAslim, Bodytrim, Rapid Loss, Optislim and FatBlaster with three.


Celebrity Slim, IsoWhey, Optifast and Tony Ferguson each received five star nods in our survey for their effectiveness at keeping off the kilos. Bodytrim and Optislim both achieved four star ratings for this criterion, while ULTRAslim and Rapid Loss earned three, and FatBlaster received two.