2012 – Bathroom Cleaners Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue November 20th 2012

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No chemical romance between consumers and bathroom cleaning products, says latest survey results

Most Satisfied Customers - Bathroom Cleaners 2012Health concerns have been raised in our most recent survey, with a significant 57% of respondents admitting they worry about the effect of harsh chemicals in bathroom cleaners on their family.

Concern in this area was more likely to arise among Generation X respondents, 64% of whom worried about the possible health impacts of household cleaning products. Potential dangers aside, more than half of the respondents to our survey listed the bathroom as their least favourite room in the house to clean.

Almost half of our respondents felt especially comfortable with their cleaning abilities, and believed that no one could clean their bathroom to their standards. We’re not sure if they’d be prepared to prove it but one quarter of respondents went as far as saying they considered their bathroom floor clean enough to eat off.

However half of survey respondents had a different motivation for such rigorous cleaning. They felt that visitors to their house tended to judge them on the cleanliness of their bathroom more so than any other room in the house.

To help you find a bathroom cleaner up to the task, we’ve done the hard work for you by comparing brands. Earth Choice has taking out our highest honour and received our most satisfied customers ward for bathroom cleaners. They were compared alongside Dettol, Domestos, Ajax, Windex, Pine O Cleen, Coles brand, White King, Woolworths brand, Shower Power, Orange Power, Exit Mould and Easy-Off Bam.

Earth Choice received five star ratings for overall customer satisfaction, environmental friendliness and ease of use. Other brands also performed well:

  • Dettol took out five stars for ease of use,
  • Domestos received five stars for effectiveness,
  • Coles brand achieved a top rating for value for money, and
  • Orange Power received five for smell and ease of use.

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to regularly survey 2,500 Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from people in the survey group who had purchased a bathroom cleaning product in the last 3 months – in this case, 1,824 people.

Brands must receive at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall customer satisfaction

Earth Choice was the star of the show – earning five stars for overall customer satisfaction with bathroom cleaners. Receiving four stars were Dettol, Domestos, Ajax, Windex, Pine O Cleen, Coles brand, Woolworths brand, White King, Shower Power and Orange Power. Exit Mould and Easy-Off Bam each took out three stars for overall satisfaction.

Value for money

Five star value for money came in the form of Coles brand bathroom cleaner, while Earth Choice and Woolworths brand both took out four stars each. Rounding out this criterion were Dettol, Domestos, Ajax, Windex, Pine O Cleen, Shower Power and Orange Power, Exit Mould, White King and Easy-Off Bam with three stars.


For a fresh smelling bathroom, Orange Power was a standout with five stars for smell. Looking at our other rated brands:

  • Four stars went to Earth Choice, Dettol and Pine O Cleen,
  • Ajax, Windex, Coles brand, Woolworths brand, Shower Power and Easy-Off Bam all received three stars,
  • Domestos and White King both achieved two star ratings, and
  • Exit Mould took out one star for smell.


Domestos received a five star rating for effectiveness; followed by Earth Choice, Dettol, Ajax, Windex, Pine O Cleen, Woolworths brand, White King, Shower Power and Exit Mould. Rounding out these results, Easy-Off Bam, Coles brand and Orange Power achieved three star ratings for bathroom cleaner effectiveness.

Environmental friendliness

Half of our survey respondents reported they are concerned about the environment and, when it comes to cleaning their bathroom, they want a product which gives a great clean and is ‘green’. In front in this area was Earth Choice with five stars for environmentally friendly bathroom cleaning products, followed by four star recipient Orange Power.

Dettol, Ajax, Windex, Pine O Cleen and Shower Power achieved four star ratings; Domestos, Coles brand, Woolworths brand and White King all received two; and Exit Mould received one.

Ease of use (e.g. dispensing)

It was a three way tie between Earth Choice, Dettol and Orange Power for the five star rating for bathroom cleaner ease of use. Domestos, Ajax, Windex, Pine O Cleen, Coles brand, Woolworths brand, Shower Power and Easy-Off Bam achieved four stars for in this area, followed by White King and Exit Mould with three.