2012 – Online Department Stores Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue June 28th 2012

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Australian online stores reign over international rivals

Most Satisfied Customers Online Department Stores 2012

Our recent survey results show that Australians are pretty patriotic about where they shop. In fact, 71% opted to use a local website instead of an international one when buying online.

It was also interesting to see the number of Australians taking to the net with their shopping baskets in tow, with two in five saying they now do more shopping online than they do in bricks and mortar outlets.

Despite the convenience offered by online shopping, slow delivery was a deal-breaker for some with half those surveyed saying they would refuse to ‘repeat-purchase’ from a website after experiencing unreasonable delivery times. As a group, Gen Y shoppers were even less inclined to forgive slow delivery, with two-thirds refusing to repeat-purchase due to what they considered to be unreasonable delivery times.

With increasing competition in the world of online shopping, customer satisfaction can be a differentiator for retailers. DealsDirect.com.au, an Australian-owned website selling a wide range of goods, received our most satisfied customers award for online department stores.

They were rated alongside Kmart Online, Target Online, Big W Online, oo.com.au and Myer Online.

Canstar Blue’s online department store survey was a clean sweep for DealsDirect, who received five star ratings across all rated criteria.

The survey was undertaken in conjunction with professional market researchers, Colmar Brunton who Canstar Blue regularly commissions to survey 2,500 Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction.

The results of the Canstar Blue customer satisfaction survey of Online Department Stores are from 854 respondents within the survey group who had purchased an item from an online department store in the past 12 months.

Brands must reach a minimum threshold of at least 30 responses to be eligible for inclusion.

Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10 in that field.

Overall customer satisfaction

DealsDirect was the standout five star recipient for overall customer satisfaction, ahead of four star recipients Kmart, Target and Big W. Both oo.com.au and Myer received three stars each for this criterion.

Value for money

For their value for money, DealsDirect received another five star rating, followed by four star recipients Kmart, Big W, Target and oo.com.au. Myer received three stars for their value for money.

Price compared to other online stores

Being competitive on price is important in the online world, especially when there’s so many websites available on both a domestic and international scale. Customers of DealsDirect were most satisfied with their online department store’s price in comparison to other online stores, earning the brand five stars. Next were Kmart, Target, Big W and oo.com.au with four stars; then Myer with three.

Price compared to bricks and mortar retailers

For their price compared to bricks and mortar stores, DealsDirect scored another five stars; ahead of four star recipients Kmart, Target, Big W and oo.com.au. Myer received three stars for this criterion.

Site navigation

For the ease of which customers can navigate around their website, DealsDirect earned five stars; in front of Kmart, Target and oo.com.au with four stars each. Both Big W and Myer achieved three star ratings for this criterion.

Range of products

Customers of DealsDirect were most satisfied with the range of products available on the website. While DealsDirect were out in front with five stars; Kmart, Target and oo.com.au weren’t far behind with four each for this criteria. Myer and Big W received three stars each.

Range of brands

It was a tie for the five star spot between DealsDirect and Kmart, each of whom received top billing for their range of brands. Both Target and Big W earned four star ratings for this criterion, followed by oo.com.au and Myer with three.

Speed of delivery

One of the greatest challenges for online retailers is timely delivery but DealsDirect customers reported high satisfaction levels for speed of delivery earning the group five stars. Kmart, Big W and oo.com.au each received four stars for their criterion, followed by Myer and Target with three.