2013 – Baby Bath Wash Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue September 4th 2013

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Money-savvy parents keep one eye on the future for their babies

Parent's Pick Award: Baby Bath Wash (2013)Looking after kids is a responsibility that spans many years. Many of the respondents to our recent survey have realised this, and are saving their money accordingly.

A substantial two thirds of respondents have started a savings account for their baby to have access to in the future. Additionally, two in five have already begun saving for the child’s (arguably) most important asset: their schooling. Unfortunately, this may be out of reach for households earning less than $29,000, who are less likely to be saving for their child’s education (29%).

We also found a number of the mothers surveyed (84%) spend more money on their baby than they do on themselves, opposed to the 73% of men who were asked the same question.

For anyone interested in putting money aside for their child’s future, you can compare financial products at CANSTAR. See also their savings plan calculator and their article on ways to save for school fees.

Baby bath wash award goes to Ego QV

Mums and dads alike want the best for their baby’s future, and this means providing them with the best care in the basics right now … including protecting delicate baby skin. Our Parent’s Pick Awards have compared baby bath wash to find the brand parents are most satisfied with overall.

Ego QV has achieved our Most Satisfied Customers Award – Baby Bath Wash for 2013, ahead of Aveeno, JOHNSON’S baby, Curash, Gaia, Coles brands and Woolworths brands.

Ego QV received five star ratings for both overall satisfaction and suitability for sensitive skin. Several other brands also received five star ratings; the complete breakdown of results can be read below.

These baby bath wash ratings are part of our Parent’s Pick Awards, where we commission Colmar Brunton to survey 1,300 Australian parents aged 18-40 years old with at least one child aged three years and younger to measure and track customer satisfaction over a number of categories. The outcomes reported are the results from parents in the survey group who had purchased and used baby bath wash in the last six months, in this case, 948 people. Brands had to have received at least 30 responses to be included.

Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall customer satisfaction

Customers of baby bath wash brand Ego QV were most satisfied with their purchase, with the brand receiving five stars. Following were four star recipients Aveeno, JOHNSON’S baby, Curash and Gaia; then three star recipients Coles brands and Woolworths brands.

Value for money

In front for baby bath wash value for money was Coles brands, who achieved five stars in this area. Ego QV, Aveeno, JOHNSON’S baby and Curash each received four stars, and Gaia and Woolworths brands followed with three.

Suitability for sensitive skin (e.g. does not cause a reaction or dry out skin)

Some babies need special attention if they have sensitive skin, and that can mean purchasing a bath wash product that doesn’t irritate. Ego QV led with a five star rating in this area, followed by four star recipients Aveeno, JOHNSON’S baby, Curash and Gaia. Both Coles and Woolworths brands received three stars for their suitability for sensitive skin.

Does not cause tears

No need for tears at bath time with our five star recipient in this area: Aveeno. Following were four star recipients Ego QV, JOHNSON’S baby, Curash and Gaia; then Coles and Woolworths brands with three stars each.


A baby bath wash with a great scent means a fresh smelling baby and a more enticing bath for them overall! Customers of both Aveeno and JOHNSON’S baby – each of whom received five stars – were most satisfied with the scent of the baby bath wash they purchased. Next were four star recipients Curash and Gaia, then three star recipients Ego QV, Coles and Woolworths brands.

Amount of bubbles it produces

Not every baby bath wash produces bubbles, but for some babies it’s an important part of bath time. JOHNSON’S baby and Aveeno achieved another five stars for the amount of bubbles their baby bath wash products produce. Curash and Coles Brands followed with four stars, Gaia and Woolworths brands were next with three, and Ego QV finished with two.

Duration the bubbles last

JOHNSON’S baby and Aveeno achieved the final five star ratings for this category, for the duration of their bubbles. Curash, Gaia and Coles brands each received four stars; Woolworths brands achieved three and Ego QV finished with two.