2013 – Weight Loss Shakes Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue August 8th 2013

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Five star weight loss solutions: aisle five at ALDI

Most Satisfied Customers Award for Weight Loss Shakes - 2013Getting in shape is something many Australians find challenging, but slimming down may be as simple as making a trip to your local supermarket.

We compared weight loss shakes in our recent ratings to find the brand with the most satisfied customers. This year, our Most Satisfied Customers Award – Weight Loss Shakes has been awarded to ALDI Great Life Benifix.

ALDI achieved five star ratings for overall customer satisfaction, value for money, the taste of its shakes, and weight loss effectiveness. In other five star ratings, weight loss brand Celebrity Slim achieved a top rating for its shakes’ availability in stores, and Tony Ferguson achieved five stars for its variety of flavours.

Also rated in this survey were Nature’s Way SlimRight, IsoWhey, Biggest Loser Club, Optislim, Ultraslim, Blackmores, Bodytrim, Optifast, FatBlaster and Rapid Loss.

Two in five shake their way to weight loss success

Weight loss shakes have proven to be quite the success story for those trying different methods to lose weight. Two in five respondents to this survey reported failing on other diets, but succeeded in losing weight by using weight loss shakes.

Encouragingly, these results seem to have been long term. Two thirds of these respondents managed to keep this weight off for more than six months after using the shakes.

Other respondents don’t see these products as a long term solution to a healthy life. Three in five admitted to using weight loss shakes as a “quick fix” to lose a few kilos in a short amount of time.

Nearly a third of our survey respondents took this weight loss method seriously by doing the responsible thing and seeking advice from a medical professional before embarking on a healthy eating plan that involved the use of weight loss shakes.

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to regularly survey 2,500 Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have purchased and used a weight loss shake in the last six months – in this case, 913 people.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands receiving three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall customer satisfaction

ALDI Benifix was awarded a five star rating for overall customer satisfaction in this category. Next were four star recipients Tony Ferguson and Nature’s Way; then our three star recipients IsoWhey, Biggest Loser, Optislim, Ultraslim, Blackmores and Celebrity Slim. Bodytrim, Optifast, FatBlaster and Rapid Loss all received two stars each.

Value for money

Losing weight doesn’t mean your bank account also needs to get lighter. Our award-winner ALDI Benifix achieved five stars for weight loss shake value for money, followed by four star recipients Tony Ferguson and Nature’s Way. Next were three star recipients Biggest Loser, Optislim, Blackmores and Celebrity Slim; then two star achievers IsoWhey, Ultraslim, Bodytrim, Optifast, FatBlaster and Rapid Loss.

Taste of shakes

Losing weight may mean sacrificing the occasional sweet treat, but many weight loss shake products can also taste great. ALDI Benifix scored five stars for the taste of its weight loss shakes; Tony Ferguson, Nature’s Way, Biggest Loser and Celebrity Slim all followed with four stars each. Rounding out these results were three star recipients IsoWhey, Optislim, Ultraslim, Blackmores, Optifast, FatBlaster, Bodytrim and Rapid Loss.

Availability (e.g. online, pharmacy, supermarkets)

Customers of Celebrity Slim were most satisfied with the availability of their weight loss shakes, with the brand picking up a five star rating in this area. Tony Ferguson, Nature’s Way, IsoWhey, Biggest Loser, Optislim and Optifast all followed with four stars; Ultraslim, Blackmores, Bodytrim, FatBlaster and Rapid Loss received three apiece, and ALDI Benifix closed with two.

Variety of flavours available

Do you have a preference for chocolate, or maybe prefer something fruitier like banana or strawberry? Tony Ferguson achieved the top rating when it came to flavour variety in weight loss shakes. Celebrity Slim followed with a four star rating, then came three star recipients ALDI Benifix, Nature’s Way, IsoWhey, Biggest Loser, Optislim, Ultraslim, Blackmores, Optifast and Rapid Loss. Bodytrim and FatBlaster closed with two stars each.


Your journey to a trimmer waistline could be jumpstarted by picking the right weight loss shake brand, with ALDI Benifix being the frontrunner in this regard with a five star rating for customer satisfaction with weight loss effectiveness. Tony Ferguson and Nature’s Way both followed with four stars each, with IsoWhey, Optislim, Biggest Loser, Blackmores and Celebrity Slim coming next with three. Ultraslim, Bodytrim, Optifast, FatBlaster and Rapid Loss all finished with two star ratings.