2014 – Deodorant Ratings

Eighty five percent of our recent survey respondents tell us the product they use most when grooming is deodorant. This begs the question: which deodorant products are Australians using to start their days off on the freshest foot?

When it came to men’s deodorant, Brut strongarmed its way to the front of the line. In a comparison of seven different brands, Brut received our Everyday Essentials Award – Men’s Deodorant, 2014.

Our female readers should keep an eye out for a different, award-winning brand. Despite competition from a great number of deodorants, Avon achieved our award for women’s deodorant.

Also compared…

  • Men’s deodorant: Norsca, Lynx, Rexona, Nivea, Dove, and ALDI Brands.
  • Women’s deodorant: Mitchum, Norsca, Mum, Dove, Nivea, Impulse and Rexona.