2015 – Top Loader Washing Machine Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue March 17th 2015

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Compare some of the best top loader washing machines brands using our customer satisfaction ratings.

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2015 Award for Top Loader Washing Machines

Most Satisfied Customers | Fisher & Paykel and Samsung

We asked more than 1,200 Aussies to rate their top loader washing machine. Both Samsung and Fisher & Paykel achieved five stars for overall customer satisfaction, with each performing strongly in all the rated criteria.

Fisher & Paykel and Samsung top of the pile for washing machine awards

Top loader washing machines capture a sizeable amount of the Australian appliance market, and it’s no surprise considering their advantages: top loaders (can be) both cheaper and larger than front loaders, making them ideal for the average Aussie family.

We’ve surveyed more than 1,200 Aussies to find out which washing machine brand has the most satisfied customers, and in 2015, there are two. Both Samsung and Fisher & Paykel achieved five stars for overall customer satisfaction, with each performing strongly in all the rated criteria.

Following the two award-winning brands was LG with four stars, as well as Simpson and Whirlpool with three stars each. Read on for a breakdown of how each brand performed.

Value for money

With more than half the surveyed Aussies stating that price was their biggest consideration when purchasing a new washing machine, it is little wonder why consumers pay such close attention to how brands perform in our value for money ratings each year.

Samsung and LG both achieved five stars in this area, with Simpson and Fisher & Paykel taking out four stars and Whirlpool  securing three.


By far our highest-weighted criterion was how efficiently customers thought each washing machine worked – after all, at the end of the day, it’s the quality of the clean that is (generally) most important. Our two highest rated brands also did well in terms of performance, with Samsung and Fisher & Paykel both taking five star ratings. LG achieved four, and was followed by Simpson and Whirlpool with three.


With an average washing machine age of 9 years for top loader owners, and more than 60% of Aussies stating they bought a new machine because their old one stopped working, it’s no surprise that reliability is another big factor of overall customer satisfaction. Fisher & Paykel was the sole recipient of a five star rating here, with Samsung and LG close behind with four stars. Simpson and Whirlpool rounded out the field with three star ratings.

Ease of use

Nobody wants an overly complicated appliance, and Fisher & Paykel seem to have taken this to heart by topping our satisfaction rating for ease of use. Samsung and Simpson were close behind with four stars each, along with LG and Whirlpool on three.


Are you someone who gets annoyed by the sheer noise generated by your washing machine’s cycle? If you buy a machine from Samsung or LG, you’ll probably feel much calmer, as both achieved five star ratings for quietness in these results. Fisher & Paykel also did well with a four star rating, along with Simpson and Whirlpool achieving three.


Samsung topped our satisfaction ratings in terms of design, making them the brand of choice for style-conscious appliance buyers. Behind them was a close field consisting of LG, Simpson and Fisher & Paykel on four stars each, while Whirlpool rounded out the ratings with three stars.

Warranty and service

Warranty was another area in which all brands performed well; with Fisher & Paykel scoring five stars, Samsung, LG and Simpson scooping up four, and Whirlpool three.