2015 – Online Flower Delivery Services Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue February 1st 2016

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All you need is EASYFLOWERS, our award winners for flower delivery

Online Flower Delivery Awards, 2015Relationships are likes cars – they need care, attention, and regular servicing – or they just fall apart. However, there’s hope! The smallest gestures of care and devotion can really make a big difference to your partner.

That’s why we love this time of year. Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday, but it’s not one without merit. With a simple token of affection, you can let your loved ones know how you feel – even if you’re rubbish at expressing your feelings the other 364 days of the year (you should work on that, though).

And it’s an even better holiday for those who aren’t in a relationship! Have you had your eye on someone? Now’s the time of year to express that devotion. Do it now – don’t even think about the consequences!

We’re excited to release our latest batch of ratings for online flower delivery services. This year, four brands went head to head, with EASYFLOWERS taking top honours for how satisfied customers are with their online flower delivery service. Interflora, Roses Only and the Petals Florist Network were rated in these results too, but only EASY FLOWERS took five-star podium finishes in every criteria – including value for money, range of flowers available and speed of delivery. Make sure you check out the full results in the table above.

Valentine’s Day / Anniversary / Designated Date Night Checklist for Success

Best Practise Date IdeasWe aren’t of the opinion that Valentine’s Day should cost you an arm and a leg, but there should be some investment going into it to make sure it’s a day your partner remembers. Here’s a quick checklist for you to consider.

Flowers: Given you’ve been reading this page already, you should be able to make a snappy decision on this one. Go for their favourite colour if appropriate and collect bonus brownie points if you go the extra mile to keep those flowers alive in the days following. You could alternatively buy a plant for the garden if you’d like something a bit more permanent, although keep in mind that Venus Fly Traps are not particularly romantic.

A nice ‘drop’ to share: Whether you’re both big red wine drinkers, or maybe enjoy a particular beer, invest in a bottle of something to share. PLEASE NOTE: this is not the day to road test your home brew creations – just in case they go terribly wrong and ruin your palette for the evening (we speak from experience).

A nice card: Comedian Nick Offerman said it best:

‘Cards are not that hard. Go to the printer. There’s paper inside the printer. That’s the first tip. Discertain how to get the paper out, take one sheet, fold it in half, draw hard on it. Sign your name, write “I love you.” The bonus tip is go outside and get a piece of nature. A shell or leaf. Some bark … Put that to the center of the heart. You will get so kissed.’

Presents: Now, we don’t think Valentine’s should be about gifts. However, there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t treat yourselves to Gold Class at the movies, or a nice table at a restaurant, and call that a present for both of you. If we can offer you any advice, it’s that experiences make for great presents for Valentine’s Day that you’ll both end up remembering for months / years to come.