2015 – Front Loader Washing Machine Ratings

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2016 Award for Front Loader Washing Machines

Most Satisfied Customers | Miele

For the second year in a row, Miele has achieved our Most Satisfied Customers Award – Front Loading Washing Machines, scoring five stars in every one of the surveyed criteria. Miele emerged victorious amidst a strong field of competition.

Miele washes away the competition for customer satisfaction in 2015

The average Australian does 4-5 loads of washing per week, and spends more than $600 on each new washing machine, according to our recent survey results. It’s plain then that we rely on these appliances – second only to perhaps our refrigerator – to keep ourselves looking (and smelling) fresh.

Every year, we rate both top and front loader washing machines to help you do just that. For 2015, Miele has achieved our Most Satisfied Customers Award – Front Loading Washing Machines for the second year in a row, scoring five stars in every one of the surveyed criteria.

Miele emerged victorious amidst a strong field of competition from Fisher & Paykel, LG and Samsung, all of which achieved four star ratings; as well as Bosch, Electrolux and Simpson, which all secured three stars.

Value for money

If you’re after outstanding value for money when buying your washing machine, it’s Miele that Aussies are most satisfied with. These results mirrored those of our overall satisfaction ratings: with our award winner scoring a five star rating, followed by Fisher &; Paykel, LG and Samsung on four, then Bosch, Simpson and Electrolux on three.


The criterion that was most prominently drove overall customer satisfaction, unsurprisingly, was washing machine performance. Miele was the highest-scoring brand with a five star rating, and all other manufacturers secured scored four stars (except Simpson, which was close behind with three).


The average age a front loader washing machine lasted for was roughly 8.5 years, according to these survey results. Additionally,  more than half of surveyed  Aussies apparently bought a new machine because their old one stopped working, so it’s no surprise that reliability is another big factor in satisfaction.

Once again, the five star recipient was Miele; followed by LG, Samsung and Fisher & Paykel with four star results. Behind these brands were Bosch, Simpson and Electrolux with three stars each.

Ease of use

Nobody wants a washing machine that’s difficult to understand and operate – you want to chuck your clothes in, set it to the right cycle and forget about it. Miele topped our satisfaction ratings for ease of use by a significant margin. Samsung, Fisher & Paykel and LG all received four stars apiece; Bosch, Simpson and Electrolux all scored three.


Washing machines can be fairly noisy appliances due to their spinning action, and this was reflected in our results by slightly lower satisfaction scores when it came to quietness. That doesn’t mean there aren’t gains to be made, so make sure you find out how loud certain models are when you research which washing machine to buy.

A good yardstick to work with is the ratings in this criterion, where Miele’s received a five star rating. Samsung and Fisher & Paykel along received four star ratings, and all others scored three stars for noise suppression.


Most mid-range and premium appliances these days have evolved beyond the ‘white goods’ look to become sharp, stylish-looking additions to the home, and the washing machine brands we surveyed are no exception.

The design of Miele’s machines won them five stars in this area, but several other brands took out the four-star gong:  Bosch, LG, Fisher & Paykel and Samsung. Electrolux and Simpson were not far behind on three stars. Suposedly, it won’t  be long until all washing machines look just as cool as any other gadget in your home.

Warranty and service

A comprehensive warranty and good after sales service offer great peace of mind when buying an essential appliance; in this regard, Miele was once again the superior brand, scoring five stars. Fisher & Paykel, LG and Samsung also did well to secure four stars each; as did Bosch, Electrolux and Simpson with three stars each.