2016 – Disposable Nappy Ratings

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2016 Award for Disposable nappies

Most Satisfied Customers | ALDI Mamia

After a year off the top, ALDI Mamia is back as Australia’s highest rated brand of disposable baby nappies. It’s now three award wins for the discount supermarket chain.

Changing table: ALDI back on top for disposable nappies

Being a parent can be messy work, especially when you have a newborn. But caring for your little one and cleaning up after them is in the job description – you just hope you can buy the tools that genuinely give you a helping hand. Anyone who has ever experienced a leaky nappy can attest to the importance of buying quality nappies that fit well and stop those unfortunate incidents! But does quality always come at the highest price? This is a question we endeavour to answer with our annual review of baby nappies.

Three different brands have led our ratings for disposable nappies over the years, but the most consistent of them has returned to the top of the table for a third time in 2016 – ALDI Mamia.

ALDI replaces Snugglers as the top rated brand from last year, earning five-star reviews across most research categories, including baby comfort, fit, value for money and the aforementioned ability to prevent leaks. ALDI was also the only brand to get five stars for overall satisfaction.

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These ratings are based on the survey responses of almost 1,000 Aussie mums and dads, who spend an average of $62 per month on nappies. Despite the high cost of nappies, just 39% of parents said they tend to buy whichever brand is cheapest when they go shopping. However, just two-thirds of parents (66%) always buy the same brand of nappies. Some parents (42%) told us they buy a mix of supermarket private label and brand name nappies.

What do parents consider when buying nappies?

Let’s look at what’s most important to parents when they buy nappies and see which brands performed well in each area.

Longevity of nappies

When we talk about longevity, we mean how absorbent nappies are and how often they need to be replaced. Nappies with good longevity are hugely important for parents, especially when you’re out and about and changing your baby is not the easiest thing to do. You’ll want to know that the nappy your baby is wearing is good for at least a couple of hours while you head out to see friends or do the grocery shopping. If you have nappies that are not very absorbent, you’re inevitably going to use more of them. In this area, only Huggies received a five-star review from parents, while ALDI Mamia, Coles Comfy Bots, Baby Love and Snugglers all rated four stars.

Comfortable nappies

It goes without saying that your baby’s comfort is hugely important – an unhappy baby means unhappy mummy and daddy. The question is: Is there a difference in comfort quality between cheap and more expensive nappies? Our star ratings in this area would suggest there isn’t much difference, but 38% of parents told us they feel bad for putting their baby in cheap nappies. As the ratings go, ALDI Mamia and Huggies both received five star reviews for baby comfort, with Coles Comfy Bots, BabyLove and Snugglers given four stars.


Closely linked to a nappy’s ability to prevent leaks and your baby’s comfort, it stands to reason that you’ll need nappies that simply fit well. Whilst it’s a parent’s responsibility to buy the right size nappies, there can be a big difference between sizes, meaning that some nappies may not fit as well as they might. ALDI Mamia and Huggies both rated five stars for fit, with Coles Comfy Bots, BabyLove and Snugglers scoring four star reviews.

Value for money

While the brands in this report have achieved similar scores across most criteria, there is more of a difference when it comes to the ratings on value for money. As we know, nappies are one of the most expensive day-to-day items parents can buy when they have a young baby, so it’s natural to want to feel like you’re getting value for money. ALDI Mamia was the only brand to receive a five-star review on value, followed by Coles Comfy Bots and Snugglers, both scoring four stars. Huggies and BabyLove received three stars.

Ability to prevent leaks

The principle job of nappies is to keep all the dirty business locked up tightly inside until mum or dad gets the chance to dive in and save the day. This is particularly important when parents leave the home, because no one wants the disaster of a leaking nappy and subsequent yucky clothes when you’re away from the bathtub, change mat and clothes draw.

Look and style

For most parents, the look and style of their baby’s nappy comes way down the pecking order in terms of important factors. However, the appearance of nappies (i.e. the imagery on them) is often related to the price and therefore the perceived quality, in the eyes of some. It would be natural to assume that the best-looking nappies are likely to do the best job, but not always. In our ratings, Huggies received five stars for look & style, with every other brand rated four stars.