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If your face deserves a better beard trimmer, compare brands with our customer satisfaction reviews and ratings.

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Most Satisfied Customers | Wahl

In our inaugural review of beard trimmers, Wahl has emerged top of the class, earning five-star reviews for performance, ease of use and comfort, amongst other things.

Wahl rated highest for beard-trimming satisfaction

Let’s face it – getting that perfectly-manicured beard isn’t easy, but one step you can take to beard perfection is investing in a good beard trimmer. Beard trimmers have exploded in popularity in recent years – no clues as to guessing why. Many companies have had to stand up and take notice, and now the market is saturated with something out there for everyone. So which brand is best for beard-trimming perfection?

To find out, we surveyed hundreds of Aussie blokes who have recently bought and used a new beard trimmer, and asked them to rate it based on a number of important variables, including comfort, ease of use, ease of cleaning, value for money and the like. Five big names featured in the ratings, but only Wahl got top marks for overall customer satisfaction. In fact, it scored five stars in every single area.

That being said, Braun, Philips, Remington and VS Sassoon may also have what you need. If you’re thinking about buying a beard trimmer, you’ve come to the right place, because in this buyer’s guide, we will explain what to look out for in a beard trimmer and show you examples of some of the best pieces of kit around.

What features should I look out for in a beard trimmer?

There are a few features you’ll need to pay attention to when buying a beard trimmer. They include:

  • Performance (i.e. blade precision and motor quality)
  • Practicality (i.e. battery life)
  • Ease of use and cleaning features

If you’ve lined up a beard trimmer that ticks all these boxes along with your budget, then you my friend, are about to have a new companion.

Performance and comfort

You will no doubt want a beard trimmer that’s comfortable on your face. That’s why choosing a beard trimmer with a quality motor and blades is really important. Look for blades made out of stainless steel at least, with an adequate motor that won’t leave you hacking at your face. Blade quality – and the closeness of shave you will receive – also refers to adjustability, because a quality beard trimmer will have fine-tuned adjustments so you can go from stubble manicuring to ‘loose ends beard trimming’ with ease. Generally, the mantra of ‘buy the best you can afford’ works here.


It’s no use buying a beard trimmer if you can’t stand to use the thing. While lumberjacks of yesteryear likely did away with trimming their beards, the modern man still desires to have a manicured beard. It has become a bit like cultivating a garden really. As such, look for features such as lithium-ion batteries that provide great charge times. Also look out for docks that provide quick charge times, and ‘ultra-fast’ one-shave charging times.

Besides battery tech, beard trimmers should have a variety of safety guards and adjustability to fine-tune your bearded needs. Guards not only allow you to select length-of-cut, they also help protect your skin from the oft-hot shaving blades themselves. These practical aspects will likely be the most important elements in ensuring your beard trimming experience remains at least somewhat pleasant.

Easy to use and easy-clean features

There isn’t much rocket science involved with beard trimmers, so you should expect one that’s at least easy to use. If it isn’t, you probably won’t enjoy using it, or get the results you’d like. Plus, after you’ve finished reigning in your luscious beard, it’s handy to be able to clean it easily so you can continue about your day being generally awesome. Quality beard trimmers have easily-removable cutting heads and guards, so you can simply wash them after use. Beard trimmers often go one further and are waterproof, or at least able to be rinsed under the tap. Easy-clean features will make your overall beard-trimming experience much more pleasant, and proper cleaning can extend the life of your trimmer.

How do I maintain my beard trimmer?

Beard trimmers vastly benefit from proper maintenance. Like anything that cuts, taking care of the blades is most important, though overall maintenance can have your beard trimmer performing better for longer. There are three main aspects to maintaining your beard trimmer blades – they are:

  1. Regularly oiling and lubricating
  2. Brushing and cleaning
  3. Removing build-up and disinfecting

Regularly oiling and lubricating

Applying oil to your blades before every use will ensure that they keep on trucking, and performing at an optimal level. Without oil, the blades are more likely to seize up. Luckily though, any decent beard trimmer should have a small bottle included, but in any case, blade oil can be found for around $10 or less. Simply put a drop in either corner of the blade body, and a drop in the centre.

Similar to oiling your blades, lubricating inactive blades also goes a long way in ensuring their longevity. If you’re not a regular beard-trimming artisan, lubing up rarely-used blades can ensure their long-term performance. Lubricant is a bit more ‘heavy-duty’ than oil and for rarely-used blades, it’s a godsend. Lubricate your blades before putting the trimmer to your face; this is a proactive way to ensure you get the best from your blades.

Brushing and cleaning

It may seem pedantic, but cleaning off the hair from your trimmer after every use can ensure long-term survival of your trimmer. Many grooming kits contain a brush for easy cleaning but otherwise, a toothbrush can work well. Hint: Don’t use toothpaste. Not only is leftover hair – even if it’s yours – a bit off-putting, hair left on your trimmer can clog up your blades and make them less effective in the long run. So, taking a couple minutes post-trim to clean your beard trimmer can go a long way in getting the most from your blades.

Removing build-up and disinfecting

Every-so-often, it’s worth taking the time to remove build-up in your blades. Over time, it’s inevitable that hair and even skin gets caught up in your blades. About three times a year, it can be worth giving your trimmer the once over, taking the time to remove as much build-up as possible. This will ensure – like with most other maintenance – that your blades’ performance are not compromised. After this more thorough cleaning, it pays to oil the blades; this will again do a world of good.

Aside from this, it’s good to disinfect your trimmer’s blades using commonly-found blade spray. You may have seen the barber do this, but it’s not just for show. Even disinfecting your own personal trimmer is good practice for hygiene. Spray every few trims to ensure you’re not subjecting your beard to a germy nightmare.

What are the best brands of beard trimmer?

We know that Wahl has been rated highest in our inaugural customer review of beard trimmers, but many other brands also have beard trimmers worth some thought. Let’s take a closer look at the five brands in our ratings and see what they have to offer. Through comparing products from each of these brands, there’s likely something out there for everyone!


wahl trimmer

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about with Wahl, then have you seen its beard trimmers? Wahl offers a very comprehensive range of beard trimmers sure to suit a lot of budgets. Overall, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $200 for a Wahl beard trimmer, and it’s essentially a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. Take for example the Lithium ion, Stainless Steel trimmer. It contains, as Wahl claims, 20 per cent more torque and power, and a four-hour run time. Plus, it has a handy ‘one minute quick charge’ and is finished in an attractive coloured stainless steel to top it off. This is one of the more high-end models from Wahl, but it’s a very strong contender.


braun trimmer

German giant Braun has come to the table – or sink – with one strong contender in the beard trimmer battle. It comes in the form of the BT5070. It offers great value-for-money at under $100, and has a suite of useability features to make trimming easier. Between the two combs, you can cut between 1mm and 20mm for a precise cut, and its easily removable combs are a boon for quick trimming. It also goes cordless with a fully charged battery lasting 40 minutes. It’s also fully washable. Show how brawny your jaw can be with the Braun beard trimmer.


philips trimmer
Dutch electronics giant Philips goes to show that Holland isn’t all just tulips, clogs and windmills – it can also produce a quality beard trimmer. Like its shaver series, Philips beard trimmers are varied in price generally trending towards the midrange. They start at about $70 and work their way up to around $160. The standout trimmer in the line-up is the 9000 Series. Its most standout features are its laser guide for the most sculpted beard this side of the dyke, and a ‘zoom wheel’ to precisely cut to your desired beard length. These features make for a beard trimmer that’s excellent value-for-money.


remington trimmer
Remington has become synonymous with personal grooming and haircare. Its line of beard trimmers is nothing to be sneezed at, either. Remington’s range of four models is an interesting one that varies in price. Overall, you can expect models to cost from around $40 to around $100. Models include one made specifically for designer stubble (think David Beckham or Jason Statham), and one that has a vacuum for a no-mess experience. The standout in the range though is the ‘Barber’s Best Beard’ model. It has an adjustable zoom comb, is waterproof, and is rated for a 120-minute run time. It also has two blades for both beards and stubble, so you can nail both the lumberjack and ‘Professional UK soccer player’ look. Remington has entered the race with some interesting beard trimmers.

VS Sassoon

vs sasson trimmer

Most famed for its women’s hair products, VS Sassoon also have a large array of male grooming products, and come to the beard trimming game with a strong list of contenders. The great thing is it has a large range of prices to suit a lot of budgets, from around $60 to nearly $300, though a lot can be found cheaper. The most standout model is the ‘Beard Designer’, which is interesting in that it’s one of the only rotary beard trimmers out there, with three trimming blades, which VS Sassoon claims cuts “two times faster, with five million cutting actions a minute”. So, it’s sure to make light work of your beard. It’s able to be used in the shower, and has a 40 minute runtime before it needs charging. It also has an impressive cutting range from 0.4mm to 12mm, so you can get that designer stubble look with ease. VS Sassoon’s models may sit generally in the higher price ranges, but what they do offer is impressive.

Beard trimmers: Are they up to the cut?

Beard trimmers have soared in popularity in recent years as many men have realised that having a beard doesn’t rid you of your grooming woes. If it’s time to neaten up that beard, or if it’s time to get that five o’clock shadow look, then a beard trimmer can be a great investment. If it’s fine-tuned trimming you want as opposed to all-out shaving, then a beard trimmer can be the pick. The five brands listed in our customer ratings can be a great starting point, as all offer a great range with generally good value for money, with Wahl edging out the others. No matter what your prowess is with facial hair, a beard trimmer could be a great weapon in your arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canstar Blue commissioned Colmar Brunton to survey 3,000 Australian adults across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have purchased and used a new beard trimmer in the last three years – in this case, 344 people.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands receiving three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10. Not all brands available in the market have been compared in this survey. The ratings table is first sorted by star ratings and then alphabetically. A rated brand may receive a ‘N/A’ (Not Applicable) rating if it does not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria.