2017 Nappy Brand Reviews

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Compare nappy brands Huggies, BabyLove, Snugglers, Little One’s, ALDI Mamia and Coles Comfy Bots on their absorbency, leak prevention, fit, baby comfort, look & style, value for money & overall parent satisfaction in 2017.

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2017 award for disposable nappies

Most Satisfied Customers | Huggies

Huggies has returned to the top of Canstar Blue’s customer ratings for disposable nappies. Rated five stars on absorbency, fit, comfort, look & style and overall satisfaction, Huggies leads the way from big brands and supermarket private labels alike in our 2017 review.

Huggies rated best of the bunch for disposable nappies

Being a parent of an infant can be very messy business, but it helps if you’re equipped with the best baby products for the right occasion. And when it comes to keeping dirty situations under control – as well as your little ones dry and comfortable – nothing is more important than the nappies you buy. Not only that, but picking the right nappies can be the difference between an enjoyable day out or not, an overnight change or not, and an unfortunate leak or not. So, which nappy brand is best for your bub? Canstar Blue can offer some guidance with our annual nappy brand reviews.

Once again we’ve sought the real-world experiences of parents all around Australia, to get their feedback on the nappies they most recently bought. Think of it as asking hundreds of your mum and dad friends from childcare or the park about their views on the nappies they use, day in day out. In 2017, six leading brands have featured in the final results, with a mix of big names and supermarket private labels from Coles, Woolworths and ALDI. So, which brand came out on top? Huggies.

Parents often find themselves in the position where they have to weigh up the pros and cons of spending extra on perceived quality or not, and this is perhaps most prevalent when it comes to buying disposable nappies. Huggies is probably the biggest name in the world of baby-changing, and while big is not always best, it seems that Aussie mums and dads see the benefits of buying a premium brand. While cheap nappies will likely be fine when they’re changed every couple of hours, it’s probably fair to say that the premium brands stand out for overnight use where their absorbency and leak prevention become even more important.

This year, in addition to overall customer satisfaction, Huggies earned five stars for absorbency, fit, comfort and look & style, with four stars achieved for leak prevention. Its three-star review on value for money reflects the fact that you’ll have to pay a bit extra for the big name brands. It was four stars overall for ALDI Mamia, BabyLove, Little One’s (Woolworths) and Snugglers, with just three stars for Coles Comfy Bots. While Huggies topped the 2017 ratings overall, it was not the only brand to perform well in one particular area or two:

  • BabyLove earned top marks for fit and look & style
  • Little One’s also rated five stars for fit, as well as comfort
  • ALDI Mamia was the only brand to rate five stars on value for money
  • Snugglers was the only brand to get top marks on leak prevention, while joining Huggies on five stars for absorbency

The survey revealed absorbency to be the most important driver of customer satisfaction when it comes to nappies, with value for money not far behind. This suggests that mums and dads are conscious of price, but also see the ‘value’ in paying extra for quality. To help you decide which nappies are best for your baby’s bottom – and budget – here is an overview of the six brands in this year’s review.

Nappy brands


As you would expect, Huggies produces a comprehensive range of nappy options, depending on your baby’s age, weight and even their sex. Huggies breaks its nappy range down into two main categories – Regular Nappies and Ultimate Nappies. Both are claimed to provide up to 12 hours of leak prevention, while the Ultimate range is said to deliver even softer and more breathable nappies, with added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E resulting in extra softness to your baby’s skin. The brand is also well-known for its gender-specific nappies, with ‘targeted absorbency’ in the front for boys and the middle for girls. Whether you have a boy or a girl, nappies come in six different sizes, clearly defined by their life stage (e.g. newborn, infant, crawler) and weight, with varying numbers of nappies included as appropriate. Huggies also produces nappies for newborns, plus nappy pants, pull-ups and pyjama pants for older children, and nappies specifically designed for swimming.

ALDI Mamia

As well as generally cheap groceries and weekly Special Buys, there are a few product lines that have really helped to cement ALDI as a favourite for Aussie consumers who love a bargain. They include its laundry powders, weight loss shakes and even its phone plans under the ALDI Mobile name. But perhaps ALDI’s biggest fans are parents – owing to the discount supermarket’s range of affordable yet good-quality baby products, most notably its nappies under the ‘ALDI Mamia’ branding. A previous winner in Canstar Blue’s disposable nappy review, ALDI Mamia produces unisex nappies for all life stages, in addition to nappy pants for juniors. However, ALDI’s flagship nappies are now in its ‘Supa Fit’ range, claimed to deliver a better fit and greater comfort, with a thinner nappy to boot.


BabyLove says parents will see the end of red marks with its ‘Cosifit’ nappy range, spanning six different life stages from newborns to juniors. Said to feature patented technology, BabyLove’s unisex nappies are claimed to help prevent harsh red marks on your baby’s delicate skin, as well as provide advanced leakage protection. Newborn and infant sizes also come with a ‘wetness indicator’ to alert mum and dad to full nappies, while all sizes come with ‘DriWave’ technology for instant absorption and colourful prints – such as animal designs – to make changing times a little more interesting for baby and parents alike. The BabyLove range also includes nappy pants and night time pants for older kids.

Little One’s

Little One’s is the private label baby product line from supermarket giant Woolworths, although it doesn’t carry the Woolies logo. Little One’s nappies are said to be designed to help your own little one stay comfy and happy, with a soft inner lining for increased comfort, super-stretchy waistband for improved freedom of movement and an extra-absorbent core to draw moisture away. Little One’s nappies are also claimed to include ‘Triple Wave’ technology – three layers designed for fast absorption. Available in all the usual sizes, Little One’s nappies are available in convenience packs and bulk packs. All nappies are unisex and said to be suitable for days and nights, enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile extract for a gentle touch. You’ll also find baby wipes under the Little One’s brand.


Another previous winner in Canstar Blue’s disposable nappy review, Snugglers nappies promise a super-absorbent core to quickly draw moisture away, stretchy waistbands, a breathable outer cover to allow air to circulate and leave baby’s skin drier, ‘double leakage protection’ to protect against leakage around the legs, as well as large grip tabs to give mum and dad the edge if baby gets wiggly at change time. Nappies come in five different sizes from small to junior, plus seven fun designs. While Snugglers nappies are available at a range of retailers – including IGA, Big W, Foodworks and Chemist Warehouse – they are not currently available at Coles or Woolworths.

Coles Comfy Bots

Coles says its Comfy Bots nappies have been specially designed to keep your baby feeling drier and comfortable between changes, with a focus on higher absorbency and improved stretch & fit. Coles Comfy Bots nappies are unisex and the supermarket giant claims they are designed to ensure equal absorbency in all parts of the nappy, making them suitable for boys and girls. They are also claimed to feature an ultra-absorbent core, stretchy sides for a snug and flexible fit and a wetness indicator on newborn and infant nappies.

Which nappies should you buy?

Ultimately it’s all about finding the nappies that match both your needs and budget. Our survey of parents recorded an average spend of $56 a month, with about one in three mums and dads (32%) saying they tend to buy the cheapest nappies available. Everyone wants to bag a bargain, but consider how many cheap nappies you are likely to go through compared with how many slightly more expensive nappies you’re likely to use. Taking the cheaper option could mean you use more nappies and end up needing to replace them sooner. When it comes to nappies, it’s generally a case of getting what you pay for.

Are supermarket nappies any good?

If you’re looking for cheap nappies, the supermarkets are the way to go. But are they any good? ALDI Mamia has previously topped our customer ratings and again rated well in 2017, as did the Woolworths home brand Little One’s. However, a significant 78% of survey respondents believe there is a difference in quality between supermarket label nappies and the big name brands. It’s likely this difference is most obvious overnight, with cheaper nappies becoming overly full more quickly. With that in mind, buying a mix of big name brand nappies for night times and cheaper nappies for use during the day could be a smart move – something 38% of mums and dads told us they do.

You won’t really know how good nappies are until your baby uses them, but the good news on that front is many brands offer free samples for you to try before you buy. BabyLove, Snugglers and Huggies all offer free samples in exchange for a few personal details. Why not give them a go and let us know what you think?

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