April Broadbent

Coconut Drinks on Beach

Coconut water: Nature’s sports drink?

Posted by March 17th 2022

When the weather heats up, we all wish we were on a tropical beach, relaxing under the shade of a palm tree and sipping on something cool and refreshing. Unfortunately, most of us can’t just …

swimming pool

How to keep your pool secure with safe fencing

Posted by August 30th 2018

This summer, it’s not just sun safety you need to remember when going for a swim. Is your pool safely fenced? Here is a guide to safe pool fencing.

Stevia Natural Sweetener

Stevia: The healthiest solution to sugar?

Posted by March 30th 2021

Stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and has almost no kilojoules. Will stevia fix our sugar addiction? Is it good for us? We have all the answers.

superfood multigrain chia seeds

Are chia seeds a ‘superfood’?

Posted by February 2nd 2021

Chia seeds are the latest in the parade of ‘superfoods’ claimed to radically improve health. But do the facts justify the hype?

hisense HD TV

Hisense 4K ULED Series 7 TV Review

Posted by May 28th 2019

It really takes a lot for a TV to stand out in today’s market. How does Hisense’s 4K ULED Series 7 do it? Read the review at Canstar Blue.