Brendon O'Neill

Brendon O'Neill Brendon O’Neill is a Canstar Blue journalist covering all aspects of the energy industry, from generation to legislation and everything in between. With a particular focus on energy retail, he’s passionate about helping Australian consumers better-navigate their energy options and find a better deal.

Carbon Neutral Energy: What is it and who offers it?

Posted by October 15th 2018

Aussies are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, leading many of us to look for simple ways to reduce our carbon footprint. A number of electricity retailers have stepped up to the plate to offer ‘carbon neutral’ …

Energy retailers call for end to solar subsidies

Posted by October 11th 2018

Australians have taken up solar en masse over the past decade, thanks largely to a range of subsidies and incentive schemes that have made going green affordable for thousands of homeowners. But now there are …

EnergyAustralia ditches discounts with ‘No Frills’ deal

Posted by October 8th 2018

EnergyAustralia has followed the lead of AGL and Origin in launching a new ‘No Frills’ electricity and gas deal designed to ‘take the confusion’ out of energy. The No Frills product does away with all conditional …

AGL teams up with Melbourne Victory for exclusive energy deal

Posted by October 8th 2018

One of Australia’s largest energy retailers has partnered with A-League side Melbourne Victory to offer club members an exclusive power deal for the season. The new AGL product, aptly named ‘Melbourne Victory’, is both an electricity …

Canberra (ACT) Electricity Guide

Posted by October 17th 2018

Canberra does things a little differently to other parts of Australia when it comes to power. For starters, electricity prices are regulated – which means the government determines exactly what you pay (fitting for a …

How to cancel your energy contract

Posted by October 4th 2018

Whether you’re moving house, switching providers or maybe even going off-grid, there comes a point when most Aussie consumers need to cancel their energy contract. Cancelling your energy contract might seem daunting at first, but …

Compare Natural Gas Prices in Victoria

Posted by October 9th 2018

Find the cheapest natural gas supplier in Victoria using Canstar Blue’s guide. We calculate gas retailer prices to show you how to save.

Compare Natural Gas Prices in NSW

Posted by October 9th 2018

New South Wales has more than 1.3 million natural gas customers, and if you’re one of them, you’ve probably noticed that gas isn’t as cheap as it was just a few years ago. Finding a …

Energy Plans for Seniors & Pensioners

Posted by October 18th 2018

As a senior or pensioner, you may be entitled to specific energy deals that can help keep costs down. Consider providers, plans and deals at Canstar Blue.