Brendon O'Neill

Brendon O'Neill Brendon O’Neill is a Canstar Blue journalist covering all aspects of the energy industry, from generation to legislation and everything in between. With a particular focus on energy retail, he’s passionate about helping Australian consumers better-navigate their energy options and find a better deal.

Understanding the WA energy market

Posted by June 6th 2019

Canstar Blue explains the Western Australian electricity and gas market. Read everything you need to know at Canstar Blue.

Canberra (ACT) Electricity Guide

Canberra (ACT) Electricity Guide

Posted by May 22nd 2019

Canberra does things a little differently to other parts of Australia when it comes to power. For starters, electricity prices are regulated – which means the government determines exactly what you pay (fitting for a …

Tasmanian energy market Compared

Understanding the Tasmanian energy market

Posted by May 14th 2019

Everything you need to know about electricity and gas in Tasmania. From retailers to tariffs and prices, Canstar Blue has it covered.

who is my power distributor

Who Is My Energy Distributor?

Posted by May 8th 2019

In case of a power or gas outage, it’s important to know who your electricity/gas distributor is & how they are different from your retailer.

Energy Plans for Seniors & Pensioners Compared

Energy Plans for Seniors & Pensioners

Posted by June 10th 2019

As a senior or pensioner, you may be entitled to specific energy deals that can help keep costs down. Consider providers, plans and deals at Canstar Blue.

Natural Gas Prices in Victoria

Compare Natural Gas Prices in Victoria

Posted by June 5th 2019

Find the cheapest natural gas supplier in Victoria using Canstar Blue’s guide. We calculate gas retailer prices to show you how to save.

Time to Switch energy providers

How long does it take to switch energy providers?

Posted by May 20th 2019

It’s a lot simpler to change electricity and gas companies than a lot of people might think. To switch, simply compare your options, then call or visit your preferred energy retailer’s website to sign up, …

energy discounts

How to get the best energy discounts

Posted by June 17th 2019

Most electricity and gas companies offer large discounts to some customers. Find out how you can save money on your energy bill at Canstar Blue.