Brendon O'Neill

Brendon O'Neill Brendon O’Neill is a Canstar Blue journalist covering all aspects of the energy industry, from generation to legislation and everything in between. With a particular focus on energy retail, he’s passionate about helping Australian consumers better-navigate their energy options and find a better deal.

AGL Solar Review & Guide

Posted by January 12th 2021

AGL is a behemoth energy company and market leader in Australia’s rooftop solar industry. But does it have the best solar deal for you?

Electricity cost of ceiling fans

The running cost of ceiling fans

Posted by January 14th 2021

How much electricity are your ceiling fans using and what does this cost you? Canstar Blue has examined the cost of using ceiling fans.

What is a solar feed-in tariff?

Posted by January 12th 2021

Solar feed-in tariffs, FiTs and buyback rates. What are they and how can you sign up? Canstar Blue explains everything you need to know about feed-in tariffs.

Megajoules (MJ): Gas usage and costs explained

Posted by December 15th 2020

If you have natural gas at your property, then you have probably noticed there are a lot of numbers on your bill followed by ‘MJ’. But what does that even mean? In this article, Canstar …

Electricity Costs per kWh

Average Electricity Costs per kWh

Posted by December 24th 2020

Canstar Blue has calculated and compared the average kWh price of electricity in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA. See how your state compares.

Queensland Electricity Tariffs

Understanding Queensland Electricity Tariffs

Posted by December 29th 2020

Canstar Blue takes a look at what tariffs are available in Queensland. Find out how energy tariffs work and which tariffs could be the best bet for your home.

Winter Heating Costs Explained

Winter Heating Costs Explained

Posted by December 15th 2020

As the mercury falls and Aussies begin to dust off their heaters, it’s time to think ahead about your winter energy bill. To help customers better understand their electricity and gas usage for this coming …

storage units

Solar batteries available in Australia

Posted by December 15th 2020

Canstar Blue takes a look at what solar power battery storage units are available in Australia, including Tesla, Redflow, Fronius and more.