Brendon O'Neill

Brendon O'Neill Brendon O’Neill is a Canstar Blue journalist covering all aspects of the energy industry, from generation to legislation and everything in between. With a particular focus on energy retail, he’s passionate about helping Australian consumers better-navigate their energy options and find a better deal.

energy deals no lock in contract

Electricity deals that don’t lock you in

Posted by August 9th 2019

Want to switch energy providers, but worried about being stuck in a contract? Canstar Blue explains how electricity contracts really work, which retailers will lock you in, and which you’re free to leave at any …

A guide to solar power in South Australia

Posted by July 22nd 2019

A solar guide for South Australian households. Canstar Blue discusses solar prices, tariffs, rebates, storage batteries, buying tips and more.

A guide to solar power in Victoria

Posted by August 14th 2019

The energy industry in Australia is rapidly evolving. While we’ve traditionally relied on large fossil fuel generators to meet our electricity needs, solar, storage and other renewable technologies are helping households take power back into …

solar power in Queensland

A guide to solar power in Queensland

Posted by August 14th 2019

What is the price of solar in Queensland and should you buy? Canstar Blue looks at what Queenslanders need to know about solar.

Queensland Electricity Tariffs

Understanding Queensland Electricity Tariffs

Posted by August 8th 2019

Canstar Blue takes a look at what tariffs are available in Queensland. Find out how energy tariffs work and which tariffs could be the best bet for your home.

Solar feed-in tariffs Compared

A comparison of solar feed-in tariffs

Posted by July 22nd 2019

A guide to finding the best deal on solar. Canstar Blue compares feed-in tariffs from Australia’s leading energy retailers.

Energy Plans for Seniors & Pensioners Compared

Energy Plans for Seniors & Pensioners

Posted by August 15th 2019

As a senior or pensioner, you may be entitled to specific energy deals that can help keep costs down. Consider providers, plans and deals at Canstar Blue.

A guide to solar power in NSW

Posted by July 22nd 2019

New South Wales solar costs, tariffs and benefits explained. Canstar Blue guides you through the NSW solar market.

Electricity Costs per kWh

Average Electricity Costs per kWh

Posted by August 15th 2019

Canstar Blue has calculated and compared the average kWh price of electricity in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA. See how your state compares.