Brendon O'Neill

Brendon O'Neill Brendon O’Neill is a Canstar Blue journalist covering all aspects of the energy industry, from generation to legislation and everything in between. With a particular focus on energy retail, he’s passionate about helping Australian consumers better-navigate their energy options and find a better deal.

Solar Power Swimming Pool

Can you power your swimming pool with solar?

Posted by November 18th 2021

Owning a backyard pool is an Aussie dream, albeit an expensive one. Installation and purchase costs aside, a typical in-ground pool can account for 17% of a home’s electricity usage, potentially adding $660 to $1,000 …

read your power bill

How to read your power bills

Posted by September 28th 2021

After receiving an electricity bill, most of us simply look at what we owe and begrudgingly pay up. But there’s plenty of useful information on your bill that can help you save, so it’s worth …

natural powerpoint

What is off-grid power in Australia?

Posted by November 15th 2021

Does renewable technology mean you've seen the last of your power company? Canstar Blue looks at whether you should leave the power grid.

A guide to portable solar panels

A guide to portable solar panels

Posted by November 15th 2021

Planning a camping trip? Portable solar panels can provide free electricity wherever you go. Canstar Blue takes a look at everything you need to know.

flybuys points with AGL

How to earn flybuys points with AGL

Posted by April 7th 2021

Customers who linked their Flybuys membership and AGL account before 31 March 2021 may be able to collect Flybuys points. Please treat information below as historical only. AGL is one of Australia’s largest electricity and gas …

Cancelling Your Energy Contract

How to cancel your energy contract

Posted by February 16th 2021

Whether you’re moving house, switching providers or maybe even going off-grid, there comes a point when most Aussie consumers need to cancel their energy contract. Cancelling your energy contract might seem daunting at first, but …

Door to Door energy guide

What to do when an energy salesperson comes to your door

Posted by February 8th 2021

You’re enjoying a quiet afternoon at home when suddenly you hear a knock at the door. “Who could this be?” you ask yourself as you walk over to find out. You open the front door …

Electricity Meter Types Explained

Electricity Meter Types Explained

Posted by November 19th 2021

Electricity meters measure a property’s electricity consumption and are used by energy companies to calculate what to charge on your power bill. There are three key types of electricity meters and while you might be …

Electricity cost of ceiling fans

The running cost of ceiling fans

Posted by February 10th 2021

How much electricity are your ceiling fans using and what does this cost you? Canstar Blue has examined the cost of using ceiling fans.

Megajoules (MJ): Gas usage and costs explained

Posted by December 15th 2020

If you have natural gas at your property, then you have probably noticed there are a lot of numbers on your bill followed by ‘MJ’. But what does that even mean? In this article, Canstar …