Eliza Parry Okeden

Eliza Parry Okeden Eliza Parry-Okeden is a Canstar Blue journalist who is in her final year of a dual Bachelor of Law and Media & Communications degree from QUT. Eliza has a wide range of interests across the Blue website and is an avid follower of all things popular culture. As a frequent victim of rash spending, she considers herself somewhat of a professional consumer with a thing or two to learn about saving. Aside from purely selfish motives, Eliza aims to write relatable content that navigates the worlds of finance and spending to help others in the same boat.

Watching TV

Kanopy Review & Guide

Posted by March 31st 2021

Are you tired of seeing the same blockbusters on your streaming platforms? Have you been dabbling in foreign films to improve your French? Are you looking for the next documentary to spark a debate at …

City on a Hill

How to watch City On a Hill

Posted by March 31st 2021

City On a Hill is an American crime drama that dives into the corruption and racial prejudice that is said to have plagued the criminal justice landscape of Boston in the 90s. A fictional retelling …

South Park

How to watch South Park in Australia

Posted by March 24th 2021

Since 1997, animated comedy South Park has provided joyfully skewered satire and cutting social commentary on topical events and popular culture, through the eyes of four young - though hardly innocent - boys. The action …

Home theatre systems for beginners

Home theatre systems for beginners

Posted by March 18th 2021

What is a home theatre system and why would you want one? We translate the tech-speak and help you choose a new home theatre system.


How to turn on subtitles for Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and more

Posted by March 31st 2021

Enabling closed captions and subtitles when streaming content can greatly improve your viewing experience, whether you’re hearing impaired and require audio descriptions or you simply need some help understanding quiet or foreign dialogue. Thanks to accessible …

The Matrix

How to watch the Matrix trilogy in Australia

Posted by March 11th 2021

Since the first film was released in 1999, the cyberpunk story of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus trying to free mankind from the Matrix has captivated audiences and planted itself firmly in popular culture and beyond. With …


How to watch Futurama in Australia

Posted by March 31st 2021

Since the first episode aired in 1999, Futurama has been transporting viewers to the 31st Century for an exhilarating journey through space. The ultimate escapist cartoon series, which combines the nostalgia and jokes of the …

Girl with Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker Buying Guide

Posted by March 8th 2021

Not so long ago, controlling devices in your home with your voice and asking questions to a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence seemed like a futuristic gimmick that belonged in the realm of sci-fi flicks …

kobo kindle compared

E-book reader review & comparison

Posted by February 23rd 2021

While nothing beats the feel of a good book, e-readers are compact and convenient. Which e-book reader is right for you? Compare the best at Canstar Blue.

air guitar and dancing

Boost your TV audio with a sound bar

Posted by December 23rd 2020

Your TV’s speakers aren’t cutting it, but you don’t have space for a surround sound system. Can a sound bar boost your audio without breaking your budget?