Eliza Parry Okeden

Eliza Parry Okeden Eliza Parry-Okeden is a Canstar Blue journalist who is in her final year of a dual Bachelor of Law and Media & Communications degree from QUT. Eliza has a wide range of interests across the Blue website and is an avid follower of all things popular culture. As a frequent victim of rash spending, she considers herself somewhat of a professional consumer with a thing or two to learn about saving. Aside from purely selfish motives, Eliza aims to write relatable content that navigates the worlds of finance and spending to help others in the same boat.

Star Wars Disney+ Content

How to watch Star Wars movies in Australia

Posted by March 31st 2021

Since some bloke called George Lucas took a gamble with his ‘epic space opera’ film in 1977, Star Wars has gone on to become a pop-culture phenomenon spanning decades and spawning the most successful film …

How to watch National Geographic in Australia

Posted by March 31st 2021

The National Geographic Channel has long been a favourite amongst budding scientists and animal lovers alike. In the age of streaming platforms however, it can be hard to keep track of all these classic television …

Pixar Content Disney+

How to watch Pixar movies in Australia

Posted by March 31st 2021

When discussing animated movies, Pixar is usually at the forefront of the conversation. After dominating the animation space for the majority of the 2000s, Pixar was acquired by Disney back in 2006 to create Disney …