Harrison Astbury

Harrison Astbury Harrison Astbury is a Canstar Blue journalist specialising in consumer technology and the telecommunications industry. With a degree in journalism from Griffith University and a keen eye for detail, he’s determined to help consumers make better-informed decisions, especially when it comes to their internet and phone plans.

Now you can stream rugby union with OVO Mobile

Posted by February 12th 2019

Rugby is usually a paid-for, premium TV product in Australia, but that’s about to change thanks to one of the country’s most innovative mobile plan providers. OVO Mobile, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on the …

Top Rated Appliances

Australia’s favourite appliance brands

Posted by October 24th 2019

Review the top-rated washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges and more with Canstar Blue’s annual customer reviews and ratings.

KFC plans to sell vegetarian fried chicken

Posted by June 13th 2018

Vegetarians rejoice: The Colonel could be introducing vegetarian options to KFC in the near future. In what seems to be distinctly un-KFC, the brand’s United Kingdom branch aims to have ‘healthier’ menu items available by 2020. This …

Virgin Mobile is closing down, here are some similar plans

Posted by January 16th 2019

As of 15 June 2018, Virgin Mobile has ceased to offer mobile phone and mobile broadband plans. What does this mean for you? Contracted plans will be allowed to expire and current users may be …

Why Domino’s Pizza is fixing potholes

Posted by June 13th 2018

If you’ve ever thought the potholes are bad in your town, a famous pizza chain could be on the way to fix them… In the United States, Domino’s has taken to fixing potholes in several counties …

Why Telstra regional coverage could be about to improve

Posted by July 5th 2018

If you’re living in a rural area of Australia, your Telstra coverage could be about to improve. That’s because Telstra has launched what is called the 4GX-lite Satellite Small Cell, which aims to help people receive …

Food Processor buying guide

Food Processors Review & Guide

Posted by October 24th 2019

If you’re tired of smashing food with a hammer, then a food processor may be for you. Consider the leading brands in this review by Canstar Blue.

WA Govt cracks the whip, wants 100Mbps minimum NBN speeds

Posted by June 11th 2018

If the Western Australian Government has its way, all residents in the state will get 100Mbps minimum internet speeds. The WA Government has argued that the Federal Government’s Statement of Expectations for the NBN should be …

What NBN price changes mean for you

Posted by June 12th 2018

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has not been without its woes, reported on extensively here. Aussies are used to prices in the telco space generally falling over time, but the new NBN wholesale pricing constructs …