Jorja McDonnell

About recycled toilet paper

About recycled toilet paper

Posted by March 30th 2021

It is marketed as the better loo roll for you and the environment, but what do you really know about recycled toilet paper? Here is some information.

Tasty meals with frozen vegetables

Posted by May 25th 2018

Frozen vegetables are the ultimate food convenience. Here are some tasty suggestions for getting more into your meals.

How have you broken your phone?

Posted by May 11th 2020

We asked around the office to share their tragic stories on how their phone broke. Here they are.

baby wipes

Common ingredients in baby wipes

Posted by February 28th 2019

Ever wondered what they put in baby wipes that separates them from ordinary cleaning wipes? We take a look at some common ingredients.

other uses for wipes

Other uses for baby wipes

Posted by February 1st 2021

Baby wipes are much more versatile than some people realise. Here are some of the many other uses for them.