Krishan Sharma

Krishan Sharma Krishan Sharma is a multi-award-winning technology journalist. For Canstar Blue, he covers everything VR and gaming.

xCloud game streaming

xCloud Game Streaming in Australia: What you need to know

Posted by July 12th 2021

Cloud gaming has long been a pipedream but with data centres getting increasingly powerful and internet speeds around the world improving along with it, the time is ripe, writes Krishan Sharma. Cue xCloud - Microsoft's attempt …

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 Pro Review: Standing out from the crowd

Posted by April 14th 2021

OnePlus was once viewed as a plucky upstart that took on the established names of the industry with handsets that packed most of what top tier smartphones offered at half the price. Times have changed and …

Xbox Series X controller

Best Xbox One games to play on Series X

Posted by April 8th 2021

After a strong start, the Series X has hit a bit of a lull in terms of new releases as we wait for the next wave of heavy hitters to hit the platform. Thankfully, some …

PS5 controller

Best PS4 games to play on PS5

Posted by April 7th 2021

After a strong launch lineup consisting of the likes of Demon's Soul and Spider-Man Miles Morales, the PlayStation 5 has hit a bit of a quiet period in terms of new releases, making it a …

iPhone 12 green

iPhone 12 Review: Striking the right balance

Posted by February 11th 2021

The new iPhone 12 series is Apple’s widest range release ever, with a total of four new iPhones: the compact iPhone 12 mini, the default iPhone 12 as well as the Pro models in the …

Playstation 5 controller

PS5 Review: Truly Next-Gen Gaming

Posted by December 24th 2020

After trouncing the competition with the Playstation 4, Sony's long awaited next generation console has finally arrived and it's ambitious on all fronts. From the bold design, graphics and audio through to the wildly innovative …

Sackboy PS5 game

The best PS5 games you need to play

Posted by December 16th 2020

The Playstation 5 already has a great lineup of games that show off the new hardware, as well as take advantage of the unique capabilities of the DualSense controller. Some of the games are brand …

Gaming headset

Best Xbox Series X & Series S Headsets

Posted by December 4th 2020

The Series X might be the most powerful games console ever engineered but it also comes with some powerful audio that really shines on a proper surround sound setup. However, switching to headphones doesn't mean …