Krishan Sharma

Krishan Sharma Krishan Sharma is a multi-award-winning technology journalist. For Canstar Blue, he covers everything VR and gaming.

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 Review

Posted by December 15th 2020

Resident Evil 3 is a modern remake of the 1999 original that marked the series' turn towards a more action-focused experience. Set just prior to the events of Resident Evil 2, the story follows S.T.A.R.S …

Retro Games

The Best Retro Gaming Consoles

Posted by January 29th 2021

Retro gaming is in, and it's easy to see why. There was something special about the 80s and 90s era of gaming that spawned so many classics. Whether it was the gorgeous handcrafted sprites, responsive …

Gaming internet speeds

The best fight sticks: Arcade stick controllers for consoles

Posted by November 6th 2020

The default game controller that comes with your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is pretty great for most genres, but for fighting games or for anyone looking to replicate the arcade style experience, you're going …

Oculus Quest

17 must own Oculus Quest games

Posted by December 15th 2020

Facebook's standalone VR headset, the Oculus Quest, shook up the industry when it debuted in May of 2019, offering a truly wireless VR headset that eliminates the need for a PC or games console entirely. …

10 must play PlayStation VR games

Posted by December 15th 2020

As the only virtual reality headset available on game consoles, Sony's PSVR has quickly become the best-selling VR headset to date with over 5 million units sold. With over 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles out …

The gaming highlights from CES 2020

Posted by December 15th 2020

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which took place in Las Vegas last week isn't normally a huge show for gaming, but that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty to get excited about for gamers. In …

VR Racing game

How to take your VR racing experience up a gear

Posted by December 15th 2020

The immersive power of virtual reality has taken gaming to new heights, offering truly visceral experiences unlike anything that has come before it. Many established gaming genres have benefited from VR, including everything from first …

The beginner’s guide to Twitch streaming

Posted by December 15th 2020

With over 15 million daily viewers, Twitch has become a cultural phenomenon that has swept up the gaming world. Popular Twitch streamers such as Ninja have created a new breed of internet celebrity with legions …

What is the best gaming monitor?

Posted by December 15th 2020

Tech expert Krishan Sharma with his views of the best gaming monitors available to buy, depending on your needs and budget.

What is the best gaming keyboard?

Posted by December 15th 2020

Gaming expert Krishan Sharma gives his verdict on the best gaming keyboards depending on your preferences – and budget!