Maddy Morwood

Maddy Morwood Maddy Morwood is a Canstar Blue journalist and avid Netflix binger who brings years of experience sitting in front of the television to the team as the go-to for all things streaming. She holds a degree in communications from the Queensland University of Technology, majoring in journalism and is currently expanding her knowledge in the writing industry as she undertakes a Masters degree in writing, editing and publishing at the University of Queensland. Maddy is passionate about combining her arguably two only talents to help Australians remain up to date on the 411 of streaming content.

The OA returns to Netflix Australia

Posted by July 14th 2020

Hold onto your hat, because we’re about to do some interdimensional travelling with Netflix’s second instalment of sci-fi drama mystery, ‘The OA’. If you don’t know what ‘OA’ stands for… don’t worry, we won’t spoil …

Billions back for season 4 on Stan

Posted by August 3rd 2020

What do you get when you combine Wall Street with blood feuds, elaborate scheming and rich men with way too much money? Epic financial drama Billions, of course. Fans all over the world have been …

Queer Eye Season 3 arrives on Netflix Australia

Posted by July 14th 2020

This just in – your favourite boy group have decided to grace us with their presence and make a return to reality television, and in turn, our lives. No, we’re not talking about the Jonas …

Wireless headphones buying guide

Wireless Headphones Buying Guide

Posted by May 20th 2019

We’ve reached 2019, which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to cut the cord. And yes, we’re talking about wireless headphones. We’ve come a long way since the release of the first portable headphone …

The best Valentine’s Day movies and shows on Netflix and Stan

Posted by September 30th 2020

Valentine's Day is a love-it-or-hate-it holiday, eliciting excitement from some and eye-rolls from others. But coupled-up or not, Valentine's Day is also a great time to curl up on the couch, heat up some popcorn, and start streaming. Both …

Hair Straightener auto off

Hair straighteners that turn off automatically

Posted by July 23rd 2020

Every woman has, at some point in her life, fallen prey to the power of the hair straightener. Whether you were eight-years-old, watching in fascination as your older cousins straighten your ponytail, or 12, begging …