Maddy Morwood

Maddy Morwood Maddy Morwood is a Canstar Blue journalist and avid Netflix binger who brings years of experience sitting in front of the television to the team as the go-to for all things streaming. She holds a degree in communications from the Queensland University of Technology, majoring in journalism and is currently expanding her knowledge in the writing industry as she undertakes a Masters degree in writing, editing and publishing at the University of Queensland. Maddy is passionate about combining her arguably two only talents to help Australians remain up to date on the 411 of streaming content.

Netflix plans and prices

Netflix Australia Plans & Prices

Posted by July 10th 2020

If you’re not one of the millions of people around the world already subscribed to Netflix, what’s going on? Are you okay? Maybe you’ve been a loyal Stan fan since day one, or you’ve been …

Billions season five

Billions season five: Old rivals, new enemies

Posted by July 14th 2020

It’s been over a year since NYC titans Axe and Chuck last graced our screens. It’s been tough, but somehow, we made it (give yourselves a round of applause). Thankfully (and we truly mean it …

Pointing and laughing at TV

The best stand-up comedy specials on Netflix Australia

Posted by July 10th 2020

I think we can all agree that we need comedy now more than ever. The world is falling apart and if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already …

Foxtel Now Box For Streaming Foxtel To Your TV

Live streams to keep you entertained during the COVID-19 outbreak

Posted by July 14th 2020

As self-isolation and social distancing continues (and shows no signs of wrapping up anytime soon), it’s difficult to keep yourself entertained. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already binged Tiger King (and literally every other …


Disney+ honours Earth Month with new ‘Disneynature’ films

Posted by July 15th 2020

Name a better group of mammals: Meghan Markel, Shani the elephant, Natalie Portman, and Echo the bottlenose dolphin. The four of them (plus honorary mammal Steve the penguin) are coming together to celebrate Earth Month …

Friends at movies

‘Netflix Party’: How does it work?

Posted by July 14th 2020

Whether you’re travelling for work, social distancing, or mum just didn’t let you, sometimes those movie nights with friends just have to be put on hold. Luckily, there’s a new way to hang out with …