Martin Kovacs

Martin Kovacs Martin Kovacs is a freelance journalist with a background in the IT and petroleum industries. Having started out reporting on petroleum, Martin branched out into IT, and over the past few years has been a regular freelance contributor to a number of publications. Martin continues to write for both industries.

new age of battery storage

Has a new age of battery storage arrived?

Posted by April 29th 2019

Does the South Australian government's decision to use Tesla technology to develop an energy storage system herald a new age of solar storage?

Ok Google: What exactly is Google Home?

OK Google: What exactly is Google Home?

Posted by February 1st 2018

Google Home is now available in Australia, with the voice-activated smart speaker providing a range of services. Should you buy one?

Microsoft and Apple Tablets Compared

Turning Pro: Microsoft vs Apple tablets

Posted by May 7th 2019

Canstar Blue reviews the Microsoft Surface Pro with the iPad Pro. Compare specs, features and prices to find the best tablet for you.

LG G6 vs Samsung S8

LG G6 vs Samsung S8

Posted by May 7th 2019

Given the sheer variety of smartphones now available, it has become increasingly difficult for new-release models to stand out, so to speak, from the smartphone crowd. However, when technology heavyweights such as Samsung and LG …

Drone Buying Guide

What to consider when buying a drone

Posted by May 20th 2019

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, with more models finding their way to market. What should you be aware of when purchasing a drone?

New Barn Conversion

Sonnen sonnenBatterie eco solar storage review

Posted by June 22nd 2019

Sonnen's sonnenBatterie eco energy storage system provides smart energy management and is available in a variety of capacities. Read Canstar Blue’s review.

Ecoult solar ‘UltraBattery’ review

Posted by June 22nd 2019

Ecoult describes its UltraBattery technology, used in residential and commercial products, as “a completely new class of advanced lead-acid battery technology”.

Magellan Power HESS reviewed

Magellan Power solar battery system reviewed

Posted by June 22nd 2019

Western Australian-based Magellan Power traces its origins back to 1992, evolving over time to offer a number of renewable energy-focused products, including its HESS (Hybrid Energy Storage System) residential unit which Canstar Blue will review …