Monika Gudova

Monika Gudova Monika Gudova is one of Canstar Blue’s resident energy journalists, covering everything from retail affairs to renewables and industry news. With plenty of experience writing about energy, she’s equipped with the tools necessary to help everyday Aussies better understand everything from where their power is coming from, to the fine print on their electricity bills. Monika’s interest and investment in power generation outside of normal working hours is one of her greatest assets, bringing her background knowledge to help consumers make cleaner, greener decisions.

Solar Power Brisbane: Solar Panel Installers & Costs

Posted by January 22nd 2020

Whether you’re a solar expert or a newbie in the market, picking the right solar supplier for your installation can be extremely confusing. With so many solar installers claiming to offer the cheapest prices and …

The City of Sydney council to go 100% renewable

Posted by April 1st 2019

The City of Sydney has committed to using 100 per cent renewable energy to power its buildings and other infrastructure, in a move that will slash the council’s greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 18,000 tonnes …


40% off! AGL takes the lead in WA gas discounting war

Posted by March 29th 2019

Households in Western Australia could now save as much as 40% off their natural gas usage charges, with energy giant AGL taking the state’s discounting price war to an unprecedented level. Customers who sign up to …

Powershop Mega Pack Explained

Powershop Mega Pack Explained

Posted by November 28th 2019

Powershop’s payment model might be a little wacky to those not familiar with it, but for those that are, it can be an engaging and rewarding way of doing business with your energy retailer. Instead …

Alinta Energy Rewards Review

Alinta Energy Rewards Review

Posted by February 19th 2020

Alinta Energy’s rewards program gives all of its customers access to a range of rewards, from discounts on movies to theme park tickets. Get all the details at Canstar Blue.

Lumo Ameego Rewards

What is Lumo Ameego?

Posted by June 21st 2019

Lumo Energy is giving customers access to a range of rewards in new loyalty program, Lumo Ameego. Canstar Blue review.

Guaranteed Energy Discounts Explained

Guaranteed (Unconditional) Energy Discounts Explained

Posted by July 25th 2019

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of a guarantee, whether it comes in the form of an engagement ring, or just an order confirmation email from the pizza place down the road. So, when it …

Double Up Energy Discounts Explained

Double Up Energy Discounts Explained

Posted by July 23rd 2019

Chicken salt and chips, meat pie and tomato sauce, Rhonda and Ketut – if there’s one thing Aussies know, it’s how to spot a good pair. So, if two is better than one, does that …