Sam Bloom

Sam Bloom lives in Brisbane and has been researching and writing stories for Canstar Blue since 2014. He loves long morning rows on the beautiful Brisbane River, hanging out with friends, and watching far more football than is good for him.

What is Android Auto and how does it work?

Posted by January 14th 2021

In-car screens have become increasingly advanced over the past few years, with many models now offering touchscreen controls for music, navigation and much more. Google has now got in on this act with its mobile …

How to change your Wi-Fi password

Posted by January 14th 2021

Your Wi-Fi router’s default password is often long and annoying, so how can you change your Wi-Fi settings to make it more memorable and more secure? Everybody knows the annoyance of asking your friends or family …

How Electricity Works

Electricity Explained: How it works

Posted by June 25th 2019

Electricity is everywhere and operates almost everything we use, but have you ever wondered how it really works? Find out at Canstar Blue.

Sim Cards

Types of SIM cards explained

Posted by June 16th 2021

The details of phone plans can be confusing, particularly finding the right SIM card to fit into your phone. We explain the different types of SIM cards.

TPG vs Vodafone

TPG vs Vodafone: How do they compare?

Posted by January 15th 2021

TPG and Vodafone are doing an increasing amount of business, so how do the two companies compare and contrast? Canstar Blue has reviewed their offerings.

vodafone my mix cropped

What is Vodafone MyMix?

Posted by April 2nd 2019

What is Vodafone MyMix? What is a customisable phone plan? Find out everything you need to know at Canstar Blue.

What to consider for your first phone plan

Posted by February 12th 2021

Your parents have finally told you to start paying for all those texts you send. What should you look out for as you buy your first phone plan?

Australia’s smartphone pet hates

Australia’s smartphone pet hates

Posted by March 27th 2019

Most Australians carry a smartphone with them all day long, so it’s no wonder they’ve developed several grievances. Find out their top complaints.