Sam Bloom

Sam Bloom lives in Brisbane and has been researching and writing stories for Canstar Blue since 2014. He loves long morning rows on the beautiful Brisbane River, hanging out with friends, and watching far more football than is good for him.

Alternatives to mowing the lawn

Posted by April 21st 2016

What are the options if you're sick of maintaining your lawn, but aren't yet ready to go down the wall-to-wall paving or synthetic grass route?

Mobile Broadband Plans

Mobile broadband: Our buying guide

Posted by April 4th 2019

There are now more options than ever for those looking to subscribe to a mobile broadband service. We break down what might be best for you.

Businessman working with printer

How to save money on printing

Posted by June 16th 2016

Short of staging a protest about ink prices, what are some everyday ways to reduce your printing costs? We’ve compiled some tips to hopefully make headaches about printing expenses a thing of the past.

Weight loss success

Posted by June 22nd 2017

Aussies tell us their reasons for getting fit, and how they go about losing weight.