Sam Bloom

Sam Bloom lives in Brisbane and has been researching and writing stories for Canstar Blue since 2014. He loves long morning rows on the beautiful Brisbane River, hanging out with friends, and watching far more football than is good for him.

Australia’s recycling history

Australia’s recycling history

Posted by March 9th 2018

Recycling is a crucial part of how we manage waste in Australian society, without it our resources would be a lot less plentiful than they are today.

Woman phone overseas

Global roaming facilities on offer

Posted by June 16th 2016

We’ve rounded up the roaming offers provided by some of the major telcos so you can get an idea of what costs to expect when overseas.

Cold washing machine temperature

Cold washing your clothes

Posted by October 29th 2018

When it comes to washing your clothes in cold water, when and why should you do it?

Why buy a bundled telco plan?

Why buy a bundled telco plan?

Posted by April 4th 2019

The combination of internet and home phone subscriptions into one plan remains an attractive option for many households. So what are the advantages?

GPS phone

How trackable are you?

Posted by February 6th 2018

Of all the connectivity options in a modern smartphone, the most complex and fascinating is probably GPS.

Smartphone dinner table

Take back your dinner time

Posted by February 6th 2018

Are smartphones dominating your precious family time? That's certainly the case for many Aussies, we found.

Differen mobile apps

Our staff’s favourite apps

Posted by February 6th 2018

We’ve done a survey of the office to find out which apps are the ones we love most! We look at everything form music streaming to bagpipe tuning apps.