Simon Downes

Simon Downes Simon Downes is Canstar Blue's Editor-in-Chief and consumer affairs journalist, specialising in the energy and telco industries, while also covering all things retail and FMCG. With a decade of newsroom experience under his belt, he’s passionate about helping consumers make better-informed decisions, especially when it comes to household bills. Simon was one of the first journalists to raise awareness of the unscrupulous tactics of some energy retailers which eventually resulted in major industry reforms and the introduction of new default pricing, and continues to highlight the potential pitfalls consumers face in a still confusing market.

Aerial view of Melbourne city at night.

Compare Victoria Electricity Prices

Posted by July 8th 2020

Who has the cheapest electricity prices in Victoria? Canstar Blue has compared plans, discounts and costs from the big providers to help you find a better deal.

Calendar with date circled for bill payment with coins at forefront

Energy Billing Options Explained

Posted by April 30th 2020

Nothing matches the dread of opening an energy bill – especially when you’re expecting a big one – but choosing the right billing options for your preferences and budget can at least help take the …

Perth Energy Prices compared

Perth Electricity Prices Compared

Posted by May 20th 2020

Compare electricity tariffs and prices in the Perth area of Western Australia to find the cheapest deal for your household’s needs.

Energy confused

What to do when you get a shock energy bill

Posted by March 30th 2020

Nothing gives you that sinking feeling quite like an unexpectedly large bill. Even if you know your next bill is looming, it still manages to sweep you off your feet when you open that letter …

Piggy bank energy

What to do if you can’t afford your energy bill

Posted by June 23rd 2020

{:en}Sometimes things just don’t go your way, and you’re left wondering how you’re going to pay that next bill. That’s a question made all the more difficult when you don’t even know how much that …

AGL vs Origin Compared

AGL vs Origin: How do they compare?

Posted by March 31st 2020

We’ve compared Australia’s two biggest energy providers to show you where to find the biggest discounts on your power bills.

Energy Bill Smoothing Explained

Energy Bill Smoothing Explained

Posted by March 24th 2020

What is bill smoothing and how does it work? Canstar Blue explores bill smoothing and payment plans offered by the big energy retailers.

Graph of fluctuating energy rates.

Fixed Rate Energy Plans Explained

Posted by April 1st 2020

What is a fixed rate energy plan? Find out everything you need to know about fixed charge plans at Canstar Blue.