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A guide to electric stove cooking

A guide to electric stove cooking

Posted by December 16th 2020

If you’re considering changing to an electric stovetop or you’re staying somewhere that has one, it might be useful to review how to use them.

power bill contract

How to negotiate your energy contract

Posted by December 29th 2020

Choosing your electricity & gas retailers can be a tricky process. What should you be looking for when shopping around for a better deal?

how microwaves work

How do microwaves work?

Posted by May 29th 2018

In only a couple minutes, your microwave can cook a frozen meal. But how exactly is this possible? We take a look at how microwaves work.

stacking dishwasher

How to stack a dishwasher.

Posted by May 29th 2018

If you want to get the most out of your dishwasher, then you need to make sure that it is stacked properly.

washing dishes

Items you should handwash

Posted by May 29th 2018

Don’t risk damaging your items in the dishwasher. We take a look at some things that you should hand wash.

washing machine static

What is static?

Posted by March 19th 2021

Static electricity can make washing and drying your clothes become a real hassle. But there is a solution to this!

What is “civet cat” coffee?

Posted by November 2nd 2018

One of the most expensive cups of coffee is called civet cat coffee. Read about exactly why this coffee is so costly!

Ways we drink coffee around the world

Posted by May 29th 2018

To celebrate the diversity of coffee culture, here are seven different ways of preparing and drinking coffee from around the world.

Refrigerator innovation around the world

Posted by January 30th 2021

The fridge, an Australian invention, has become a ubiquitous feature of every home – but that doesn’t mean that refrigerator innovation has stopped!