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How to cook with gas

How to cook with gas

Posted by June 22nd 2019

Using gas stoves is a lot simpler than some believe. Here is a quick crash course in how to cook on a gas stove.

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About JAX Tyres

Posted by February 9th 2017

JAX Tyres provides tyres and wheels to fit a wide range of cars and stocks all of the leading brands.

Six amazing BBQ recipes

Six amazing BBQ recipes

Posted by June 22nd 2019

We all love a simple BBQ, but if you really want to be a crowd pleaser, here are some great BBQ recipes.

Woman landline phone

The demise of the humble landline

Posted by November 2nd 2018

The fixed line telephone has been with us for more than one hundred years, but they're fast falling from favor across the country.

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Broadband: Our buying guide

Posted by January 25th 2018

Given the central role a reliable broadband connection has, what do you need to consider when buying a new plan or upgrading your existing one?