Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle Tom Doyle is a freelance journalist covering the latest on entertainment and electronics. He is currently undertaking his third year of a double degree in Creative Industries and Business from the Queensland University of Technology, majoring in entertainment and marketing. Tom has been writing for over a year and has published material with the Institute of Modern Art, as his passion for writing on all things creativity and entertainment ensures quality content for readers looking to stay in the know surrounding the industry.

Google Maps Phone

How much data does Google Maps use?

Posted by January 30th 2020

Google Maps is an essential service for many of us, particularly if you find yourself heading out to a new destination for the first time. But how much does the app cost you? With more …

The Best Games Coming in 2020

Posted by January 24th 2020

2020 is looking to be an exciting year for the gaming industry, as next-gen technology is rolling out alongside some new games consoles and titles that defy traditional gameplay with cutting edge visuals and immersive …

playstation 5 hero

PlayStation 5: What we know so far

Posted by January 15th 2020

Sony’s upcoming next-gen console release, PlayStation 5, is quickly garnering traction at the top of the gaming list, as its ‘future-proof’ technology is promised to deliver gamers with immersive experiences that change the way they …

Xbox Series X: What we know so far

Posted by January 10th 2020

Microsoft’s upcoming console, the Xbox Series X, is already one of the most hyped releases for the gaming industry in 2020 as creators are billing it as the “fastest, most powerful games console ever”. Excited? …

When will Google Stadia be in Australia? + Gameplay

Posted by December 23rd 2019

Stadia is a cloud gaming service which was released in 14 countries last month by Google, as it boasts ready-to-play games without a console or pesky downloads and updates. Appearing as the Netflix of gaming, …

GTA header

Can the Diamond Casino Heist update revive GTA V online?

Posted by December 18th 2019

Six years since its initial release, the blockbuster release of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has truly changed the gaming world forever, as its unique, uncensored and open-world environment has provided gamers with endless …

Halo The Master Chief Collection

PC gamers are loving Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Posted by December 17th 2019

The Halo: Master Chief Collection is a must-have on the PC – whether you’re a long-time Halo lover or yet to meet Master Chief John-117 as the series takes you on a classic and iconic …

Death Stranding

Does Death Stranding live up to the hype?

Posted by December 17th 2019

Death Stranding is the latest unnerving creation by legendary game creator Hideo Kojima (Kojima Productions), as this new PlayStation 4 exclusive takes you on an open world post-apocalyptic journey with protagonist Sam Bridges as you …