Veronika Hleborodova

Veronika Hleborodova Veronika Hleborodova is a Canstar Blue journalist covering health, home and lifestyle. She has a double degree in Media & Communication and Business from the Queensland University of Technology and enjoys keeping up with latest tech-savvy trends to help Australian consumers stay ahead of the curve.

Woolworths reveals Christmas Pop-Out Collectables promotion

Posted by November 13th 2018

Woolworths has launched a new collectables promotion to help win back your supermarket loyalty this Christmas. ‘Woolworths Christmas Pop-Outs’ will be available from this Wednesday (14 November) and feature 12 Christmas-themed buildable cardboard characters. Customers will …

Why is my air conditioner not working?

Posted by November 7th 2018

Your air con might stop working for a number of reasons, from dirty filters to dead compressors. Read Canstar Blue’s guide to find out.

A Guide to Waterproof Cameras

Posted by November 6th 2018

When you live in a beautiful country with beautiful weather (most of the time), there’s never a bad time to find the right camera to capture all your beautiful moments. An underwater camera is a …

Hot vs Cold Water Washing Explained

Posted by November 5th 2018

Choosing to wash in cold or hot water is not just about saving money, there are several key aspects to consider when putting your load on. While hot water is best for heavily soiled items …

How long should my appliances last?

Posted by October 31st 2018

How long should you air conditioner, washing machine, vacuum and fridge keep running for? Canstar Blue offers this guide.

Bag Ban: From throwing away plastic to throwing away money

Posted by October 29th 2018

The majority of Australians are now in the habit of taking their own reusable shopping bags to the supermarket checkout, but for many the single-use bag ban is regularly adding extra to the grocery bill. …

Portable BBQs Buying Guide

Posted by October 25th 2018

Portable barbecues are perfect for almost any occasion where space is at a premium. Read our guide on brands, prices and features.

Sunscreen Expiry Dates Explained

Posted by October 23rd 2018

You’re looking for a bottle of sunscreen before you leave home with the kids and find one in the depths of a beach bag and wonder: how long has it been since I bought this? …

Tidelands: The Aussie Netflix series set for global reach

Posted by October 23rd 2018

Forget those big-budget American blockbusters and period drama BBC productions… an entirely Australian Netflix Original Series will hit screens worldwide this December. Tidelands is an Aussie first ten-part series written and created by Stephen Irwin and …