Veronika Hleborodova

Veronika Hleborodova Veronika Hleborodova is a Canstar Blue journalist covering health, home and lifestyle. She has a double degree in Media & Communication and Business from the Queensland University of Technology and enjoys keeping up with latest tech-savvy trends to help Australian consumers stay ahead of the curve.

Dyson vs Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

Posted by February 13th 2019

They’re two of the biggest names in the vacuuming world – but does Dyson or Hoover offer the best features and value?

Bosch Athlet RuntimePlus Review

Posted by February 12th 2019

The Bosch Athlet stick vacuum has had an upgrade, boasting one of the longest run times of any cordless vacuum. Read on for more.

Cordless Vacuum Runtimes Compared

Posted by February 12th 2019

Handsticks and handhelds are dominating the vacuum world, but with cordless designs comes restricted battery life. Which last the longest?

Coles launches ‘Stikeez’ campaign to get kids eating fruit and veg

Posted by February 13th 2019

Move over Little Shop, there’s a new collectables craze at Coles – Stikeez! After the supermarket chain’s wildly successful Little Shop campaign last winter, featuring miniature versions of 30 popular grocery staples such as Weet-Bix, Vegemite, …

Animated food characters to explain health star ratings

Posted by February 11th 2019

You’ll now see health star food ratings accompanied by colourful animated characters as part of a new campaign to increase awareness and understanding of the system. The star ratings system has seen criticism over the years …

Australia’s favourite Netflix shows revealed

Posted by February 4th 2019

Everyone with a Netflix subscription will tell you about their favourite shows – even if you don’t want to hear about them – but a new survey from Canstar Blue has revealed Australia’s ultimate list …

Dishwasher Cycles Explained

Posted by February 2nd 2019

Cinderella didn’t have the privilege of having a dishwasher in her day, but this saved her the trouble of deciphering what each cycle does. If you’re in confusion – a pre-wash crisis one might say …

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Posted by February 14th 2019

For all the tasks in between the regular vacuum of the house, a handheld unit might be just the tool you’re looking for. It’s ideal for when you have a small mess to clean up …