Veronika Hleborodova

Veronika Hleborodova Veronika Hleborodova is a Canstar Blue journalist covering health, home and lifestyle. She has a double degree in Media & Communication and Business from the Queensland University of Technology and enjoys keeping up with latest tech-savvy trends to help Australian consumers stay ahead of the curve. Whether it's the latest news on supermarkets and collectables or exploring brand new innovations within the appliance space such as smart features and Wi-Fi connectivity, Veronika’s aim is to ensure consumers are getting value for their money.

Air Conditioners you can buy with Afterpay

Posted by January 16th 2020

It’s not easy to live in Australia without air conditioning, but it’s also not always easy to find the cash to install one in your home. Air conditioners can fetch prices upwards of $4,000 for …

dehumidifier in kitchen

Dehumidifiers: Why bigger is better

Posted by December 2nd 2020

If you’re a human being, you’ll hate humidity. If you want to get rid of the moisture in the air and make everything less sweaty, read our dehumidifiers guide.

installing dishwasher kitchen

How much does it cost to install a dishwasher?

Posted by November 9th 2020

{:en}Whether you’re renovating your home or simply upgrading the dishwasher, it’s important to know the costs involved. In this guide, we offer estimated prices that might be involved in installing a dishwasher, as well as …

Thermomix Worth

Thermomix: Is It Worth The Money?

Posted by November 13th 2020

Your complete guide to the Thermomix. What can it do, what can’t it do? Is it worth the price tag? Read our review.

fridge in store buying

Fridge Pricing Guide

Posted by January 6th 2020

The difference between the cheapest and most expensive fridges can be huge. You could spend just a couple of hundred bucks on one of the basic budget options, or splash out thousands of dollars on …

girls vacuuming with handstick

Save big on vacuums that really suck this Boxing Day

Posted by December 27th 2019

If you don’t already own a stick vacuum, you might after Boxing Day. Cordless handstick vacs are all the rage nowadays, allowing you to vacuum without the cables or bulky barrels. However, they come at …

Loads of discounts on washing machines this Boxing Day

Posted by December 27th 2019

Time for a new washing machine? Well, the Boxing Day sales are upon us and it’s time to separate the loads – washing machines that are on sale, and those that aren’t. A number of …

buying tv on sale

How to score $700 off new TVs in the Boxing Day sales

Posted by December 27th 2019

Unless you got really lucky and scored a TV from Santa this Christmas, you might be in the market for a new high-tech TV to give your living room a bit of an upgrade. But …

dishwasher shopping couple

Get a load of these dishwasher deals this Boxing Day

Posted by December 27th 2019

The event that has everyone rushing to secure a parking spot nice and early at the biggest shopping centres around town is the Boxing Day Sales. If you’re in market for a new dishwasher, this …