Veronika Hleborodova

Veronika Hleborodova Veronika Hleborodova is a Canstar Blue journalist covering health, home and lifestyle. She has a double degree in Media & Communication and Business from the Queensland University of Technology and enjoys keeping up with latest tech-savvy trends to help Australian consumers stay ahead of the curve. Whether it's the latest news on supermarkets and collectables or exploring brand new innovations within the appliance space such as smart features and Wi-Fi connectivity, Veronika’s aim is to ensure consumers are getting value for their money.

Sunscreen Buying Guide

A guide to face sunscreen

Posted by May 29th 2019

What is face sunscreen? Which brands are best for your skin? Canstar Blue reviews face sunscreen products with this helpful guide.

GHD Travel Hairdryer

The ghd travel hairdryer that packs a punch

Posted by July 23rd 2020

For a compact hairdryer claiming to provide the power of a full size dryer, check out Canstar Blue’s review on ghd’s newest addition.

Female Only Gyms

Female only gyms in Australia

Posted by May 29th 2019

Canstar Blue reviews female only gym chains across Australia. From Brisbane to Sydney and Melbourne, find out what’s available in your city.

Best Sunscreen for Skin Type

Which sunscreen is best for your skin type?

Posted by May 29th 2019

Are you using the right sunscreen for your skin? There are different kinds of sunscreen for different kinds of skin. Learn more at Canstar Blue.