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monitor data usage

How do I reduce my data usage?

Posted by January 14th 2021

Going over your data limit? Canstar Blue has 5 tips to help you reduce your data usage and save even money on your phone bill.

removing sunscreen stains

How to remove sunscreen stains from clothes

Posted by July 22nd 2020

Just because sunscreen is good for your skin, doesn’t mean it’s good for your clothes. Find out how to remove sunscreen stains at Canstar Blue.

Cheap Microwaves

The cheapest microwaves in Australia

Posted by October 23rd 2019

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a microwave when you could spend as little as $100 and get a model that does the basics just as well?

Air Fryers Buying Guide

Posted by November 14th 2018

Want to make delicious snack foods, but don’t want them to be high in fat? An air fryer can do just that. Find out more with Canstar Blue’s review.

electric blanket buying guide

How to Find The Best Electric Blanket

Posted by November 14th 2018

When winter comes calling, it’s time to get out the electric blanket. But which brand is best and where can you find the cheapest deals? Read our review.

NBN VOIP Phone Explained

What is the NBN phone?

Posted by August 13th 2020

The Fibre Phone (your NBN phone service) has been introduced as a new way to make your phone calls. Learn how it works and if it's worth buying.

spf ratings for sunscreen

A guide to sunscreen SPF ratings

Posted by March 1st 2018

Sun protection is now more important than ever, but how do you know which type and strength of sunscreen to apply? Canstar Blue explains SPF ratings.

Coffee daily intake

How much coffee should you really drink?

Posted by May 20th 2019

One day you’ll hear how bad coffee is for you, the next day you’ll hear about how great it is. Canstar Blue gets to the bottom of the debate.

Gas Dryers Guide

A guide to gas powered clothes dryers

Posted by June 21st 2019

What is a gas clothes dryer? How do they work? Find out everything you need to know about gas clothes dryers at Canstar Blue.