Zac Kelly

Zac Kelly Zachariah Kelly is a telco content writer for Canstar Blue and consumer news journalist, specialising in all things phone, internet and streaming, with a soft spot for video games. He's fresh out of university with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Social Political Sciences from UTS and has previously written for Nine News, The Daily Mail, Junkee, Kotaku and GOAT. He's passionate about helping people make the right purchase decisions and understanding all things tech.

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S20 Deal

Vodafone deal: save $300 on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

Posted by May 28th 2020

If you want to get amongst the excitement of 5G without breaking the bank, Vodafone has a great deal for you. Vodafone has announced a cracking offer on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, giving customers the …

Wireless internet

How Fast is Home Wireless Broadband?

Posted by February 12th 2021

With more and more Australians moving to the NBN - and relying on their connections for work, study, and entertainment at home - the network's bound to get a little crowded, especially at peak traffic …

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Plans

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Explained

Posted by February 12th 2021

Mobile broadband is great if you're looking for an alternative to NBN, or home wireless broadband. It's great if you're the on-the-go type who needs to travel a lot, or if you've got a big …

Telstra Mobile Broadband Plans

Telstra Mobile Broadband Explained

Posted by March 3rd 2021

If you're working from home, on the go, or just need reliable internet connections wherever you are, mobile broadband should have you covered. Mobile broadband is an internet connection that takes advantage of 4G and …

Optus Mobile Broadband

Optus Mobile Broadband Explained

Posted by February 11th 2021

Mobile broadband is a great thing if you're on the go, or don't have NBN available where you live. If you're working from home, travelling often, or need to use the internet a lot for …

Data only SIM plans

Should I get a data-only SIM for my smartphone?

Posted by February 9th 2021

SIMs are a really useful thing. A SIM card lets you make phone calls and text people, and lets you access the internet on the go with your phone. But if you're not big on …


Disney+ is already up to 50 million subscribers

Posted by March 31st 2021

Disney+ hasn't had to push and shove to become relevant in the home streaming department. In just the five months that Disney+ has been operating, the streaming service that is the exclusive home to Disney movies …

What is Zoom

Everything you need to know about Zoom

Posted by May 1st 2020

So here's the problem. Everybody is in isolation and a long weekend is coming up - one of the few times a year some people get to see family and unwind with them! If only …

NBN installation costs

Do I have to pay for NBN installation?

Posted by March 30th 2021

The NBN is an exciting thing, but it's also full of confusion. Some Aussies are still lost on when they're going to get it in their area, let alone what type of NBN they'll be …