Aurora Energy announces some relief for Tasmanians, but is it enough?

Aurora Energy has outlined details of a support package that will offer some relief to Tasmanians affected by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The assistance package includes a $5 million ‘COVID-19 Support Fund’ designed to provide aid to residential and small business customers through payment plans, freezing debt, bill relief, waiving fees and charges, and more.

It accompanies the state government’s announcement of a Social and Economic Support Package which will freeze energy price increases for 12 months, as well as completely waiving small business customers’ next bill after 1 April 2020.

Aurora Energy CEO, Rebecca Kardos, said the power company was committed to assisting Tassie customers at a time when energy bills are the last thing on peoples’ minds.

“These are extraordinary circumstances but Tasmanians can be assured we’re doing, and we’ll continue to do, what we can to help our customers and our community through these tough times,” Mrs Kardos said.

“We’re proud to be Tasmanian and we will work closely with every Aurora customer affected by COVID-19 to support and assist them, with the aim to alleviate some of the stress they may be feeling.”

Canstar Blue Editor-in-Chief, Simon Downes, said energy companies throughout the country may need to do more to support customers, especially at a time when many people are working from home and subsequently using more power.

“Fixing energy prices may give customers some level of comfort, but Tasmanians who are more financially vulnerable during these challenging times will struggle to see much benefit during the short-term,” he said.

“Many people will now be using more power at home and the last thing they need is for their energy costs to actually rise because of this.

“Small businesses doing it tough will receive a welcome boost by having their next energy bill waived from April, but more may need to be done in the months ahead.”

Moving forward, Aurora Energy has stated it will work closely with Tasmanian Government officials and relevant health authorities. For more information, visit the Aurora Energy website.

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