Australia’s favourite electricity providers

We can hardly avoid the issue of rising energy prices. While competition has increased in some states in recent years, your power bill inevitably goes up every year. It’s frustrating, we know. All you can hope for is a utilities supplier that makes life easy for you and gives you a fair go over pricing.

That’s why Canstar Blue annually surveys thousands of electricity customers to find out how they are rated across a number of key criteria, including customer service and value.

These providers were favourites among our survey respondents and may help to provide you with some guidance when looking for the best utilities provider in your area. After all, word of mouth is important, and if your neighbour is impressed with their energy provider, then you might be too!

Please note that the following list is for deregulated states where households are free to pick and switch energy providers with ease. The Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania are all regulated states; for more on how this affects your energy bill, read this.

Who are Australia’s top-rated electricity providers?

On a state by state basis the top results were as follows:


  1. Click Energy
  2. Energy Australia / Lumo Energy

New South Wales

  1. Red Energy
  2. Click Energy


  1. Powershop
  2. Dodo Power & Gas / Lumo Energy, Momentum Energy / Red Energy / Simply Energy

South Australia

  1. Lumo Energy
  2. Origin / Simply Energy

Not all of these utilities providers will be available in your area. Access is determined by geographic location and supply arrangements. Check out our state by state electricity providers and natural gas suppliers ratings for more details.

The results are certainly pleasing for the little guys. Since deregulation has taken full effect in the last couple of years, smaller players have had the chance to take top rankings. Our previous survey in 2013 had AGL, Origin and Energy Australia dominating the rankings – probably because there wasn’t much else to choose from, and if there was, consumers hadn’t cottoned on. In the last three years there has been a significant shift in what consumers expect from their energy supplier. With increased competition, no longer can companies sit on their thumbs and remain complacent.

What does this mean for me?

A great deal of media attention has been devoted to scrutinising rising electricity, natural gas and water prices and rightly so. Sadly for a lot of us they are necessary expenses (unless you go off the grid!). As such, we’d prefer to keep more dollars in our pocket wherever possible – instead of giving them to the electricity giants.

The two most commonly featured in the ratings are smaller players Lumo Energy and Click Energy. These two companies have been able to keep up with changing consumer trends. Click Energy is online-only, which they say allows for the savings to be passed on to you. Lumo Energy prides itself on a tailor-made approach and its customer service. Both of them took the complacent business model of a previously uncompetitive market and flipped it on its head. You could also say this for most of the others featured – they are relative newcomers and are the underdogs. Such results are promising for even more competition to crop up in the future.

While a better deal often relates to reduced cost relevant to usage, consumers are also keen to know if their utilities providers will offer consistent and reliable service. Across all energy providers in Australia, service is reliant on the local distributor and not the retailer itself. Companies buy into the grid and sell energy onto customers; it doesn’t matter which company you’re with – you’re still getting the same ‘quality’ of electricity. If there is a blackout, your supplier is likely not the only one affected! Whether you’re with a big or small company, your ‘quality’ of electricity is likely irrelevant.

So, with this information in your hands, it’s now important to research a range of factors before deciding on who your supplier will be. It’s more than chump change – the right provider might save you a considerable amount.

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