Origin Reveals New ‘Predictable Plan’


Energy bills are one of the greatest financial concerns facing Australian households – largely because they are unpredictable. With a mixture of estimated and actual meter readings, you might find the size of your bills can fluctuate considerably from one billing period to the next. However, that could be about to change, with one of Australia’s biggest energy providers announcing the country’s first ‘fixed cost’ energy plan.

Origin Energy says its new Predictable Plan will provide relief for customers who feel anxious about upcoming bills because they will know in advance exactly what they will need to pay – regardless of how much power they actually use.

Origin describes its new plan, which sees households pay a fixed amount for their energy every billing period, as a “game-changer” and it’s hard to argue. In fact, you wonder why no energy company has done this before…

“With Origin’s Predictable Plan, Australians can now pay the same amount for their energy every month or fortnight, no matter how much they use,” explained Rebekah O’Flaherty, Origin’s GM Retail Marketing, Sales & Service.

“This is the first energy plan of its kind in Australia to address the concerns of customers who find it difficult to budget without knowing what their energy bill is going to be. Predictable Plan removes any nasty surprises by allowing customers to lock in their energy costs for the entire year and pay the same amount monthly or fortnightly.”

Origin cites research that shows only 13% of Australians find their energy bills predictable, but they find it much easier to predict their internet (50%) and phone bills (40%).

The fixed price plan will protect customers against any variations in energy prices during the time of their contract and against any variations in their own energy usage. The plan is available for either natural gas or electricity, or both, and is available on a 12-month contract.

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