Click Energy launches new cut-price power deal for QLD


There’s been a welcome boost to energy price competition in south east Queensland, with Click Energy launching a new deal that boasts a whopping 17% off the Reference Price.

At a time when the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been encouraging households to consider electricity offers from the country’s many smaller retailers, the new Click Energy plan comes in as the cheapest on Canstar Blue’s database for the Brisbane area (at the time of publication), based on the Reference Price usage figure of 4600kWh/year.

Named ‘Click Hibiscus’, the variable rate offer promises low usage and supply charges, hassle-free monthly email bills and “no hidden fees, exit fees or other nasties”. Solar customers can get an 8c/kWh feed-in tariff.

It replaces Click Energy’s previous market offer for south east Queensland, Click Banskia, which brought a saving of 14% off the Reference Price.

Canstar Blue Editor-in-Chief, Simon Downes, said Click Energy’s new offer highlights how competitive some of the smaller retailers can be, if customers are willing to shop around.

“We’ve seen a drastic change to how retailers market their products and Click Energy is one of several smaller players to ditch big conditional discounts and simply offer low base prices,” Mr Downes said.

“While the big three retailers can do you a good deal if you’re on their cheapest plans, the smaller guys often outdo them if you’re just looking for the lowest price possible.

“Going with a smaller retailer may seem like a leap into the unknown, but remember that the electricity flowing into your home always comes from the same poles and wires, so you shouldn’t be afraid to give someone else a try.”

How does Click Energy compare on price?

The table below shows some of the cheapest published deals on our database that include a link to the retailer’s website. These deals have been compared with Click Energy’s cheapest deal for QLD on our database. These costs are based on the Energex network in Brisbane but prices will vary depending on your circumstances. We show one product per retailer, listed in order of lowest price then alphabetical order. This comparison assumes general energy usage of 4600kWh/year. This table includes products from referral partners†. Our database may not cover all deals or providers in your area. As always, check all details of any plan directly with the retailer before making a purchase decision.

New providers boosting competition

Despite the introduction of a new regulated price cap to protect energy customers who don’t engage in the market – plus various other new rules around how retailers can market their plans – there’s been an influx of new brands entering the energy market in recent months.

Powerclub, ReAmped Energy, Future X Power and Kogan Energy are just some of the newest names to enter the fray, with others expected to follow soon.

Mr Downes said the competition is not only welcome, but should help keep a downward pressure on power prices.

“There may be a price cap on how much retailers can charge, but there’s no limit to how much they can cut their rates,” he said. “The new entrants are keeping the big retailers on their toes, and also ensuring that it’s worth households regularly comparing their options.

“You could be on the cheapest plan in town today, but an even better deal could come along before you know it. And considering how easy it is to switch, there’s nothing stopping you chasing the best deals.”

Image credit: Mikhail Mishchenko

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