Kogan promises low energy prices in partnership with Powershop

Slinging just about everything, from stick vacuums to health insurance, it comes as no surprise that Kogan has announced the launch of its own energy brand, aptly named Kogan Energy.

Working with established energy provider Powershop, Kogan plans to bring its new electricity and gas offers to the Australian market at some point before the end of 2019.

“Kogan.com is excited to partner with Powershop, which is part of Meridian Energy – Australasia’s largest 100% renewable energy generator,” Executive Director of Kogan.com, David Shafer said in a statement to the ASX.

“This partnership will enable Kogan.com to offer Aussies low cost power and gas, and a fist-class customer experience using technology that will enable customers to easily track their energy usage at any time.”

Assuming this refers to the smart meter and corresponding usage-tracking app that Powershop customers are encouraged to install upon joining the company, it seems safe to suggest that Kogan Energy will be pitching the same features to its future customers.

This, alongside Kogan’s bold claims to “focus on simplifying the provision of power and gas for millions of Australians”, are the only snippets of information announced as to what to expect from Kogan Energy, with more details of the offering to be released closer to the launch date.

It’s not yet clear which states Kogan Energy will operate in, although it would be reasonable to assume it would follow Powershop in this regard, meaning the new brand could be coming to Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and south east Queensland.

What role will Powershop play in Kogan Energy?

Worth noting is that this isn’t Powershop’s first venture into the world of partnerships – earlier this year, it began working with DC Power Co, a new energy brand offering plans specifically catered to those with solar panels.

Powershop itself is owned by New Zealand-based energy retail and generation giant, Meridian Energy. And while it’s not clear whether the customer service will be managed by Powershop or Kogan Energy, Mr Shafer emphasises that low prices will be on offer.

“With well over one and a half million active customers, Kogan.com is proud to be able to offer a genuine win-win-win for Meridian, for Kogan’s shareholders and, most importantly, for Kogan.com customers who will get access to low prices on power and gas, and a seamless digital experience,” he said.

Powershop’s teaming up with Kogan comes just a few months after another online deals site, Catch.com.au, partnered with retailer 1st Energy in launching electricity plans across most competitive markets, including Tasmania, under the brand Catch Energy.

A sign of other partnerships to come, perhaps?

Image credit: kryzhov/shutterstock.com

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