Lumo power plans impress in South Australia

South Australians have never made more choice when it comes to picking energy providers, but four years on since price regulations were lifted, not everyone has taken the opportunity to switch and potentially save on power bills.

Canstar Blue research shows that 31% of households in South Australia have switched to a new electricity retailer during the last five years, and of those who have made the move, a significant majority (about four out of five) say it was a good financial decision.

So which electricity provider is currently keeping South Australian bill-payers the most satisfied? Five different power companies featured in our customer satisfaction ratings for the state, with Lumo Energy leading the way. Lumo scored five-star ratings in every category, including bill clarity, customer service, range of plans and value for money.

So we asked a Lumo spokesperson to shed some light on what the company is getting right in the south.

Q) Our research found range of plans to be a greater driver of satisfaction in South Australia than anywhere else. As the only provider to score five stars for plans, can you give us a brief outline of the plans that Lumo offers, and if possible, which are best suited to different types of households?

A) Lumo Energy has a range of products to address a variety of lifestyle options, and each offers a range of value add benefits. Here are a few:

Lumo Advantage*

Lumo Advantage is the ‘popular kid’ of our packages. When you pay your invoice before the due date, we’ll take 12%* off your total electricity bill (usage and daily supply charges). Lumo Advantage also give you access to Lumo Ameego, our exclusive customer shopping program offering great discounts on gift cards, movie tickets, awesome hotel and holiday packages and more.

Lumo Velocity*

Love to travel? We have partnered up with Virgin Australia’s Velocity Frequent Flyer program to offer an awesome package which gets you closer to your next fun destination as you’ll receive 10,000 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on sign up and 6 Velocity Points for every dollar you spend with us.* Yes, bills with benefits. You’ll also enjoy Lumo Ameego, our exclusive customer shopping program.

Lumo Life 10*

At Lumo Energy, we think the earth is a pretty special place and to help keep it that way, we’re giving you the option to have the equivalent of 10% of your electricity consumption derived from government accredited GreenPower and fed back into the grid. Additional benefits include: 12% off both your usage charges and daily supply charges when you pay on time, no exit fees if you decide to leave before your contract expires; and access to Lumo Ameego, our exclusive customer shopping program.*

*For full terms and conditions on these products and more options for our South Australian friends, please visit us here.

Q) We found that advertised electricity discounts are a cause of confusion for some consumers. Can you tell us about Lumo’s discounts and offer some advice on what people should keep in mind when it comes to weighing up the value of energy discounts?

A) Lumo Energy’s most popular pay on time product for South Australian customers is Lumo Advantage which includes a 12% pay on time discount. The discount applies to our daily supply charge and energy usage rates. Some retailers promote discounts off electricity usage charges only, which make up just a portion of a customer’s total bill.

There are a few key questions we think people should ask to help them make the right choice when looking for the best discount product: What is the discount being applied to? Is it off the usage rates alone? How long does the discount apply for? Does the discount cover the daily supply charges and usage? Consumers should then check the contract terms.

Q) Our research found the majority of consumers who have switched electricity providers in the last five years are pleased they did so and have saved money. What is your advice to households who are considering switching, but are put off because they think the process is too complicated?

A) When looking to change your energy retailer, be prepared to ensure the best experience and outcome for you:

  • Have your most recent bill with you. This will be really helpful when comparing rates, understanding what you pay and finding out what can be improved, such as rates and additional benefits.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to your existing energy retailer and request the best deal possible in your area. They might be able improve your deal! If not then go online to research options.
  • If seeking a discount product, make sure you have the questions and points we raised above on hand to help guide you through the call.
  • Are you getting great customer service? If not ask the new retailer what they can do differently to improve your experience.
  • Ask what other benefits you can receive with a product, for instance the Lumo Ameego customer shopping program provides discounts on gift cards, movie tickets, and awesome hotel and holiday packages. Lumo Velocity allows you to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points when you pay your bill. See if there are value add offers like this.
  • Look at a retailer’s website before making a decision to find out how easy it is to deal with them, including paying bills, knowing what benefits you are entitled to, getting updates and new offers. Do they offer the channels you prefer to use to communicate with a retailer – phone, online, live chat, email etc?

*Please note the plan details reported in this article were correct at the time of publication. Please refer to retailer website for up to date information.

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