Powershop reveals super off-peak tariff for electric vehicle owners

As Australia strives for a greener, renewable future, electric cars are becoming a viable option for those looking to reduce their personal carbon footprint. However, one of the big question marks surrounding the use of electric cars is how they can be charged conveniently, and in a cost-effective way. One of the country’s greenest energy companies thinks it has the answer.

Powershop has revealed a ‘super off-peak’ tariff for electric vehicle owners in South East Queensland, with plans to launch in other states later in the year.

The time of use tariff is available alongside Powershop’s discounted market offers, consisting of a daily supply charge plus varying usage rates for peak, off-peak, shoulder and the new super off-peak tariff.

Powershop CEO, Ed McManus, said the budget tariff will allow customers to cost-effectively charge their electric vehicles between 12am and 4am on weekdays, as prices are more than 50% cheaper compared with the retailer’s standard off-peak tariff.

“We chose to pilot the program in the Sunshine State because we know Queensland has one of the highest electric vehicle adoption rates in the country. We hope the launch of our super off-peak tariff will support the growth of electric vehicles and encourage Powershop customers to charge up, instead of filling up,” he said.

According to Powershop’s Basic Plan Information Document for the EV offer, electricity usage rates vary between 33.08c/kWh at peak times and 9.90c/kWh for the super off-peak tariff. The daily supply cost is 111.17c/day.

It appears that households will need to prove private ownership of an electric vehicle (car or SUV) to be eligible for the super off-peak tariff.

Why the new EV tariff?

In 2017, electric vehicle sales in Australia increased by a substantial 67 per cent on 2016, while a report commissioned by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) in 2018 forecasted that between 22 per cent and 64 percent of new passenger vehicles purchased annually could be electric by 2030.

“Factoring in the forecasting from ARENA, we are determined to be a driving force for greater electric vehicle uptake across Australia. We believe in supporting sustainable initiatives to create a better energy future that Australians need and deserve and electric vehicles is another piece of that puzzle,” added Mr McManus.

To access the super off-peak tariff, Queensland customers must complete an online form found on the Powershop website. The home must also have a smart meter installed, which could be arranged by the retailer.

Powershop appears to be the only retailer to currently offer a specific tariff for electric vehicle owners. AGL and Click Energy have previously offered such deals.

Powershop was declared the ‘Greenest Energy Company’ in Australia in the most recent Green Electricity Guide from Greenpeace and the Total Environment Centre.

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