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This page shows electricity plan, price and discount changes from all energy providers on Canstar Blue’s database. If a retailer increases its rates, changes its discounts or launches new products, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

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May 2018


Just a couple of months after making sweeping changes to conditional discounts, EnergyAustralia is at it again. Its latest changes impact its Flexi Saver and Anytime Saver products across Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. The retailer has decreased the discounts on its Flexi Saver plans, which apply to usage charges for paying bills on time, but has dramatically increased some Anytime Saver discounts. On this plan, discounts are guaranteed. Anytime Saver discounts have traditionally been smaller than Flexi Saver discounts. In Queensland, the Anytime Saver discount has jumped from 8% to 28%.

April 2018

Simply Energy

simplyenergyWith the AFL season underway, Simply Energy has launched a new offer targeted at footy fans, promising up to $480 in ‘free kick’ credit over the two-year contract period. Customers get $10 bill credit applied to their account each month, in addition to a conditional discount, the details of which vary between states. The Simply AFL Plus plan offers a 10% pay on time discount off usage charges in NSW, Queensland and South Australia, with 30% off in Victoria. To receive the maximum credit, customers will need to sign up for both electricity and gas.

Red Energy

Red Energy has teamed up with Qantas to offer two new electricity and gas products that allow customers to earn Frequent Flyer points by paying their bills on time. The Qantas Red Saver gives customers 2 points for every $1 they spend on power, in addition to a 10% pay on time discount applied to the whole bill. Meanwhile the Qantas Red Plus plan provides 7 points for every $1 spent on energy, but the trade-off is there is no 10% discount available. New customers signing up to either electricity plan will also bag 10,000 points as a bonus. Those who sign up to electricity and gas could get 15,000 points.

March 2018


In light of increasing competition, EnergyAustralia has increased conditional discounts on some plans in NSW and Queensland. In NSW, its Flexi Saver plan discount has gone from 20% to 22%, while the fixed rate Secure Saver plan has increased from 22% to 25%. In Queensland, the Flexi Saver goes from 14% to 24%, with the Secure Saver rising from 20% to 28% – in line with discount offers from the likes of AGL and Alinta Energy. Interestingly, the retailer’s fixed rate product is currently its cheapest in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. The deal is not available in South Australia.

1st Energy

Melbourne-based retailer 1st Energy has increased its conditional discounts in NSW and Queensland, having only recently launched in the states. Customers in NSW can now get 22% off electricity usage charges when they pay on time (it was previously 20%), while households in the Brisbane area can get 28% off usage charges (previously 18%). The retailer also claims a price match guarantee, so why not put it to the test!

Dodo Power & Gas

dodo power and gas logoDodo has increased conditional discounts across Victoria, NSW and Queensland. In Victoria, its market offer now brings 40% off electricity usage charges (up from 30%) when you pay on time, while in Queensland the discount jumps from 15% to 25%. In NSW, the discount goes from 20% to 30%, but with an increase in usage and supply charges at the same time, this plan is actually now slightly more expensive. Dodo customers who signed up with different discounts at the time may need to contact the retailer to ask for improved terms.


AGL has launched a new prepaid power plan which sees customers awarded bonus credit relating to how much energy they buy in advance. Customers who prepay $50 will receive $10 in bonus credit, while those who can afford to spend $100 will benefit from an extra $30. A maximum credit of $80 is available to customers who prepay $240. AGL’s standard contract rates are applied. The prepaid plan is available over 12 months, with no lock-contract or exit fees. Customers who try the plan can switch to another without penalty, but bonus credit cannot be refunded or transferred to another account, AGL says. The plan is only available to residential customers in Victoria with a smart meter installed at their property.

Click Energy

Logo for Click EnergyClick Energy has once again made sweeping changes to its electricity products across the country. Replacing its previous flagship market offers which varied between states, Click has now introduced the ‘Click Agate’ plan across Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland. Conditional discounts vary by state, but the good news is that the plan typically works out cheaper than the retailer’s previous offers, in most areas. However, be sure to search for a specific quote where you live. Click customers on different plans can contact the retailer and ask to be moved onto this one. Click Energy has also changed its solar offers across the country, now named Click Solar and Clock Solar Light. Queenslanders are also offered the ‘Click Bright’ product.

Simply Energy


Simply Energy has beefed up conditional discounts on its RACV and NRMA member offers in Victoria and NSW respectively. RACV members can now get 45% off electricity usage charges for paying bills on time and in full, while NRMA members can now get 21% off. Both plans have variable rates and two year benefit periods, with no exit fees. Simply Energy recently increased prices in Victoria.


AGL has launched a new product that comes with a ‘free’ Amazon Echo smart device. The retailer says the device can help customers better manage their energy usage and provides easy access to their billing information. Users can even ask the device any questions they have about their bills. The AGL Savers – Home Connect plan is available in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Queensland, with varying conditional discounts depending on where you live. More details here.


There’s a welcome surprise for Powershop customers in Victoria, with the retailer dropping usage rates across the board. It means handy savings of around $150 a year for customers on its Online Saver and Standard Saver plans, based on typical energy usage for five person households in central Melbourne. The change comes after Powershop increased prices by around 20% in December last year. Compare Powershop prices to other retailers in Victoria here.

February 2018

Momentum Energy

There’s good news for Momentum Energy customers, with the retailer significantly dropping prices on its SmilePower Flexi plan in Victoria. Known for offering 0% discounts, Momentum has cut its rates and reduced overall costs by around 11%. It means savings of close to $300 a year for a typical five person household on the Citipower network in Melbourne. You can see how Momentum now compares to other electricity providers in Victoria with our state comparison report. Momentum is also expected to lower gas prices in Victoria in the near future.


There is another twist in the unfolding SE QLD price war, with AGL matching Alinta Energy’s 28% discount off electricity usage charges. Increasing the conditional discount on its Set and Forget product by 10%, AGL is now the closest competitor to Alinta on price. However, unlike with Alinta, it seems existing customers will need to contact AGL in order to receive the additional discount, which would save a typical five person household in Brisbane around $200 a year compared to AGL’s previous offer. Customers on AGL’s standing offer in Queensland stand to save more than $500 a year by making the switch to its new cheapest deal.

QEnergy has also put through a modest reduction in rates this month.

Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy customers in SE QLD have received an additional 3% discount off electricity usage charges, with the retailer bumping up its offer from 25% to 28% off. Increases in conditional discounts are typically not passed on to existing customers, but in this case Alinta says it is rewarding the more than 100,000 Queenslanders who have so far switched to the retailer. The extra discount will save a typical five person household in Brisbane around $60 a year. The Home SaverPlus plan from Alinta has a benefit period of two years, with no exit fees.

Red Energy

Red Energy customers in Victoria can expect large price increases. It seems the retailer delayed its annual price changes in Victoria until February, but has now jacked up prices by around 15%. A typical five person household in Melbourne can now expect to pay about $300 more per year for their electricity. The price change applies to Red Energy’s Living Energy Saver plan, which brings a guaranteed 10% discount off the entire bill, with an ongoing benefit period. There is no lock-in contract.

Pacific Hydro/Tango Energy

Pacific Hydro customers can expect a new name on their bills in future, with the Melbourne-based retailer rebranding to become Tango Energy. Other than the name changes, there have been some subtle changes to its products. While Tango Energy continues to specialise in fixed rate plans, rates are now locked in for just 12 months, as opposed to 24 months previously. Tango Energy now offers two residential market offers, one providing flexible billing and payment options, while the other rewards customers who sign up for email billing and direct debit payments with a small sign up credit. Rates are the same on both plans.

Simply Energy

Simply Energy customers should check for significant price increases this month. The retailer has increased rates in Victoria to the tune of 15%, with a typical five person household in Melbourne set to pay an extra $300-odd a year more. The rate change has impacted its Simply Save, Simply Plus, Gold Class Plus and RACV Plus electricity products, with conditional discounts remaining the same. Other retailers to increases costs in Victoria include Powerdirect and CovaU. See our comparison tool or this page for further pricing details.

Red Energy

Red Energy customers in Queensland can now expect slightly lower bills, with the retailer trimming its usage rates and thus reducing overall costs. A typical five person household in Brisbane can expect to spend about $100 less on electricity a year as a result of the price reduction. Red Energy follows other energy retailers in either cutting rates or increasing conditional discounts in SE QLD. The arrival of Alinta Energy into the market has triggered plenty of price competition. Further price cuts are expected in the coming weeks.

January 2018

Price Reductions – Alinta Energy & Momentum Energy

The new year has got off to a good start for Victorian customers of Alinta Energy and Momentum Energy, with both retailers cutting costs in the state. Reducing their electricity usage charges, a typical five-person household with Momentum in Melbourne can expect to pay around $100 less a year, while Alinta customers can expect savings of around $80. While relatively modest price reduction, this is welcome news nonetheless and could trigger other retailers to follow suit. See how Momentum and Alinta stack up on price compared to other retailers with our Victoria price comparison page.


AGL has added a new product to its suit of offers in Victoria. The AGL ‘Essentials’ plan is a fixed rate deal for 12 months, meaning that usage and supply charges will remain the same for a year. The plan does not include any conditional discounts, just “simply low rates”, according to the retailer. Despite being a fixed rate plan, no exit fees are applied for cancelling the contract early. AGL follows in the footsteps of EnergyAustralia in bringing back a fixed rate offer. However, the Secure Saver from EnergyAustralia see rates locked in for two years rather than one. At the time of writing, the Essentials plan from AGL actually works out to be the retailer’s cheapest product in Victoria, based on a typical family of five in central Melbourne. Search with your postcode in our electricity comparison tool for a specific quote in your area.

Click Energy Logo for Click Energy

Click Energy continues to play musical chairs with its electricity products, removing its Topaz plan from Victoria and replacing it with Click Onyx. The good news is that the new plan works out around $500 a year cheaper than the old one (based on typical five-person household on the Citipower network)! Like Click Topaz, Click Onyx also comes with a 29% conditional discount for paying bills on time and by direct debit, but it comes with noticeably cheaper usage rates. Click Energy customers on the Topaz plan may wish to contact the retailer to ask about their options. Click Energy has a habit of turning products on and off from public availability quite often.

Origin Energy Origin

Origin Energy has kicked off 2018 with an increase to conditional discounts in NSW. Origin’s Maximiser flagship plan has seen an increase from 19% to 25% for customers who pay by direct debit, while the Saver plan has seen an increase from 15% to 21% for customers who pay their bills on time. In the case of the Maximiser energy plan, new customers can expect to pay around $140 a year less than previously (based on typical five-person household on the Ausgrid network). Discounts have a 12 month benefit period. While new customers can receive the new discounts, existing Origin customers may need to contact the retailer and ask to be placed on the new deal.

Victoria Prices Changes

The following retailers have all adjusted electricity prices in Victoria as of 1 January 2018:

  • 1st Energy
  • AGL
  • Diamond Energy
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Momentum Energy
  • Origin
  • Pacific Hydro
  • Powerdirect
  • QEnergy
  • Simply Energy

In some cases price changes have only been applied to standard contracts, but other retailers have also increased market rates. Be sure to check your plan if you’re with one of these retailers. Prices increases have been significant in some cases. AGL has increased prices by 12%, EnergyAustralia by 14% and 1st Energy by 18% based on typical five-person households in Melbourne.

While most retailers change their prices from January 1 each year, it’s important to know that others choose to adjust their rates at different times, meaning it’s important to keep an eye out for any communications from your provider.

December 2017

Lumo Energy

Lumo Energy has pushed ahead with significant price rises in Victoria ahead of the new year. Plans changed are Lumo Advantage, Advantage Premium, Life 10, Movers and eDeal. In the case of the latter, prices have been increased in the region of 27%. Typical five-person households on the Lumo eDeal can now expect to pay an extra $500 a year. However, the online-only eDeal remains the retailer’s cheapest electricity plan in Victoria, with a 33% discount off your entire bill when conditions are met.


Powershop has increased its energy prices in Victoria by around 20%. For a typical five-person household in Melbourne, this will likely add another $500 a year to annual electricity costs. While Powershop has reduced its daily supply charges, this has been compensated for with higher usage rates. This move could favour low-usage households, but overall costs have still increased. This percentage price increase from Powershop is likely indicative of other price rises to come from other retailers.

Mojo Power

mojo power logoMojo Power has overhauled its products and rates, doing away with its fixed monthly fees for access to “wholesale rates”. Instead, Mojo Power has increased its daily supply charge to cover its costs, while also claiming no markup on its relatively low usage rates. This theoretically means Mojo Power doesn’t benefit from customers receiving large electricity bills due to high electricity usage. Mojo Power has two new products with identical rates and similar conditions: Mojo Connect and Mojo Energy Pass. The only difference is that Energy Pass customers pay an annual subscription of $360 to receive $480 worth of credit split over 12 monthly bills, essentially saving you $120 over the year.

Origin Energy

OriginEnergy giant Origin has become notably more competitive in SE QLD, increasing the conditional discounts on its Maximiser and Saver plans in the state. The Maximiser plan is the cheapest, with a 16% direct debit discount making it one of the most competitive deals in the Brisbane area at the time of writing. The Origin Saver plan, now with a 14% pay on time discount, works out marginally more expensive.

GloBird Energy

glogoGloBird Energy has become the first retailer in Victoria to significantly increase its prices in December. Going into the busy price-change cycle, GloBird has jacked up rates on all of its products, including the GloSave, Boost and Easy Save electricity plans. It looks like price increases of around 25% have been applied. It remains to be seen how high other retailers in Victoria will go over the coming weeks. Dodo Power & Gas and Click Energy appear to have got in early with their price increases back in October.

Other changes

There have also been some subtle changes from other retailers in early December. These include EnergyAustralia increasing the conditional discount on its Flexi Saver product from 26% to 28% and Momentum Energy adjusting prices in NSW, VIC and SA. Meanwhile Powerdirect has cut the benefit period of its market offer from two years to one year in QLD, NSW and SA.

November 2017

Energy Locals

energy locals logoEnergy Locals relaunched its leading product in November. ‘The Lock Down’ has been renamed to ‘Save Me’. Aside from the name and slight reduction in rates, these two deals are identical, with no discounts, benefit periods or contract terms – just straight forward electricity. The ‘Save Me’ deal comes with the promise that Energy Locals won’t increase its rates before July 2018, giving customers certainty about their bill. Energy Locals also claims to be one of the few retailers that reduced its electricity rates earlier in the year.

October 2017


EnergyAustralia has launched a new fixed rate energy plan called Secure Saver. The retailer, along with big three rivals AGL and Origin, removed its only fixed rate product back in August citing little customer interest. However, unlike its previous offering, the Secure Saver from EnergyAustralia comes with big discounts and is likely to attract a lot more interest as a result. In fact EnergyAustralia has reduced the conditional discounts on its Flexi Saver and Anytime Saver plans to ensure the Secure Saver has the biggest discount in each state, NSW, Victoria and QLD. The retailer is obviously keen to get customers on board with its new fixed rate deal, which at the time of launch works out to be its cheapest product in each state where it is available.

Click Energy

Logo for Click Energy

Click Energy has introduced a new plan to the Victorian market ahead of the anticipated annual price changes in the state in January. Click Topaz is now the retailer’s flagship market offer in the state, bringing a total bill discount of 29% for paying bills on time. However, new customers on this plan can expect to pay significantly more than those who signed up to its previous offer, Click Opal. It is unclear whether or not further product changes will go through in January.

Dodo Power & Gas

dodo power and gas logo

Dodo customers in Victoria can expect a significant bill increase of close to 15% this October. The retailer has increased prices on its only market offer in the state, meaning a typical five-person household will be paying around $300 a year more with the retailer. Its market offer still has a 30% discount off usage charges when you pay on time. Given that electricity prices in Victoria are typically changed at the turn of the year, it’s unclear whether further price increases will incur in January or not.

Origin Energy


Origin Energy has made some subtle changes to its conditional discounts on plans in NSW and South Australia. The new Origin Bill Saver plan in NSW now has a whole bill discount of 10%, up from 5%. This is a guaranteed discount with a 12 month benefit period. The Bill Saver plan discount has also been increased in SA, from 5% to 8%. Meanwhile Origin has also increased the discounts on its Maximiser and Saver products in SA, both up 2% respectively. The Maximiser, with its direct debit discount, now offers 16% off, while the Saver plan, with a pay on time discount, now brings 12% off.

September 2017

GloBird Energy


Small Victorian electricity provider GloBird Energy put through some small price increases on its Boost and GloSave products in late September. However, at the time of writing, it remains one of the most competitive retailers in Victoria. GloBird also recently launched a new product called EasySave, which typically works out cheapest for large households. Unlike the retailer’s other plans which bring pay on time discounts (off usage charges or your entire bill), the EasySave plan has no conditional discount, just low rates. The catch is that you must pay bills by credit card, rather than debit card.


September has turned out to be a busy month for AGL. Following the changes mentioned below, the retailer has also adjusted the conditional discounts on its Savers and Everyday plans across the country, generally resulting in reduced discounts and higher overall costs to new customers. AGL has also returned its Set and Forget product in NSW and Victoria, having been unavailable to new customers for the last few months. Whichever state you live in, Set and Forget will likely be your cheapest option with AGL. It provides a direct debit discount off usage charges with a 12 month benefit period. However, like the Savers and Everyday plans, it comes with variables rates, so you’ll have to take your eyes open for any rate changes.


The latest energy company to reduce its costs to new customers in SE QLD is Powershop. Following on from QEnergy and Origin, Powershop has increased the discount on its Online Saver plan from 10% to 15%. The change results in savings of more than $100 for typical five person households. This makes Powershop much more competitive in the SE QLD market, but be sure to do your homework on this retailer before signing up as getting the best value is dependent on following the cheapest deals on Powershop’s website. You will likely need to log on every month to secure the best rates. It can get confusing, so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.


Q Energy logoBrisbane-based retailer QEnergy has revamped its product line-up across the country, resulting in some of the cheapest deals around. At the time of writing, QEnergy’s new Flexi Home plan is one of the cheapest deals on the table in NSW, QLD and SA, while also challenging some of the best deals in Victoria. The Flexi Home plan comes with a guaranteed discount off either usage charges or your while bill, depending on where you live. Customers in Victoria get 38% off usage charges, while those in the other states see discounts of between 17% and 24%. There is a two-year benefit period.

Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy has adjusted its pricing in the southern states. In Victoria, electricity usage charges on its SmilePower and SmilePower Flexi plans have been increased. The Flexi plan remains its cheapest product, with prices increasing by around 4%. Momentum has also increased the usage rates on its SmilePower plan in NSW and SA.


AGL has reduced the conditional discount on its Savers plan in Victoria by 3%. Available for paying bills on time, over 12 months, the discount is now 30% rather than 33%. The change means new AGL customers can expect to pay around $70 a year more than those who signed up previously. The Savers plan remains AGL’s cheapest product in Victoria.



Origin has made some subtle changes to its conditional discounts on plans in QLD and SA. In QLD, the direct debit discount on its Maximiser plan has increased from 10% to 12% – meaning new customers will pay around $40 less a year on Origin’s cheapest plan – while the pay on time discount with its Saver plan has jumped from 8% to 10%, also resulting in fairly modest savings. In SA, however, Origin has decreased the direct debit discount on its Maximiser plan from 16% to 14%, meaning new customers can expect to pay about $90 a year more than those who signed up previously.


CovaU has introduced a new product in Victoria, called the ‘Introductory Offer’. It features a total maximum discount of 34% off electricity usage charges – 30% for paying on time and 4% for paying by direct debit. It comes with a contract period of 12 months. It appears to be priced the same as CovaU’s Smart Saver plan in Victoria.

*Please note that estimated increases and decreases in costs mentioned above are based on typical energy usage for a five-person household at a selected postcode in each state. Please use our comparison tool for a specific quote for your suburb.

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