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baby bath satisfactionWhen we asked consumers about their baby wash, we looked at a variety of different aspects to determine the best of the bunch.

Baby Bath Wash 
Baby wash customer satisfaction survey results

Value for money

When you have a family to look after, you’re on a pretty tight budget, which is why value for money is so important. Baby wash is something that can only really be used once before it goes down the drain with the bath water, so you’ll really want band for your buck on any single-use item.

Value for money looks deeper than the cheapest product on the market, because there are other factors to consider. Maybe you buy the cheapest baby wash, but you need a lot of it to clean your baby, perhaps it doesn’t end up being suitable for your child’s skin, or it just doesn’t make many bubbles (which are what make bath time enjoyable).

So value for money considers both price and usage of every baby product that we review.

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When we look at baby wash, we like to look at the bubbles because they are what make bath time fun for your baby. We surveyed parents on the amount of bubbles that the baby wash produced, and also how long they lasted.

While it might not be as important as suitability to the skin of value for money, bubbles are an aspect of baby bath wash that many parents do enjoy, which is why we include them in out drivers of satisfaction.

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Effectiveness of clean

Ultimately, you as a parent are buying baby bath wash to clean your baby, so it does need to work like is it supposed to.

This one is a fairly self-explanatory category, but is an essential inclusion in our baby wash survey.

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Parents do love a clean smelling baby. A majority of the popular baby wash brands rated very highly in the scent category, making scent a deciding factor in a baby wash purchase.

Why is scent included? Because a nice smelling wash means a clean and lovely smelling baby – at least until the next nappy change.

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Does not cause tears

A problem with many regular body washes is that they can sting your baby’s eyes if you aren’t overly cautious with it. This is why baby washes are formulated specifically for babies.

The gentler formula is more suited to babies so there are no tears at bath time – a time that is for bonding between parent and child.

A baby wash that causes tears is not going to satisfy parents, who put baby’s comfort ahead of their own in most instances.

Overall satisfaction

Contrary to popular belief, Canstar Blue star ratings for overall satisfaction are not a combination of the ratings in our other categories.

This is perhaps the simplest category, because our survey respondents simply rate how satisfied they are with the product. If they are happy with the product, it gets a higher rating; if a consumer is not satisfied with the product, then they give it a low rating. Simple.

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