A close look at popular baby monitor brands


The baby monitor industry is subject to its fair share of competition, as manufactures continue to strive for the most innovative technology, coupled with great value. While there are at least a dozen baby monitor brands operating in Australia alone, this article takes a close look at some of the more popular brands that were compared in our customer satisfaction ratings.


Oricom was founded in 2003 and originally manufactured UHF and cordless phones. It later expanded, introducing ‘Oricom baby care’, with a range of audio, visual, and breathing movement baby monitors.

Oricom was awarded Canstar Blue’s 2016 award for Most Satisfied Customers – Baby Monitors. The company holds itself out as experts in communication, and claims it focuses on some of the best monitoring technologies available.

Many Oricom products boast a myriad of features, including light shows, temperature monitors and lullaby players. Baby monitor prices on the Oricom website begin at $69.95 for an audio-only baby monitor.

Phillips AVENT

Phillips AVENT was acquired as a subsidiary of Phillips in 2006. It focuses exclusively on baby and young child care, including a range of both audio and video baby monitors. Monitor prices on the Phillips AVENT website begin at $99.95.


Angelcare holds itself out as the most trusted brand in movement and sound baby monitors worldwide. While the Angelcare website doesn’t advertise any video baby monitors, its range of movement monitors are rather innovate, incorporating a soft sensor pad which is placed beneath the baby’s mattress for accurate feedback on how restless your child is.

Prices on the Angelcare website begin at $119 for an audio monitor. Audio monitors with a movement sensor begin at $219.


Uniden is a communications specialist, producing phones, vehicle UHF’s, security systems, baby monitors and much more. The company was established in 1966, and came to Australian shores in 1989, since then, its range of audio and visual baby monitors have proven popular among Aussies.


The Vtech website displays 7 audio/visual monitors, and 6 audio-only monitors. Prices for Vtech monitors are not available on its website, though you can find its products at most major discount stores, as well as some electronics and baby care retailers.


While Motorola might be best known for its phone devices, the company also manufacture a range of audio and visual baby monitors. Motorola offer 3 audio-only baby monitors and 13 audio-visual monitors, 6 of which are compatible with smart devices, affording parents the convenience of checking on their little one from their mobile, tablet or computer.

The lowest price for a Motorola baby monitor is $39.99 for a standard audio baby monitor.


The D-link website lists four wifi baby cameras, all with wireless connectivity and remote viewing access. Most of its camera’s include motion and sound detection, 4x digital zoom and lullaby players.  Prices on its website begin at $169.96 for its most basic camera – the Baby Camera Jr.

Keep in mind that this was only a brief rundown of popular brands, and that there are quite a few others out there to explore. We only highlighted some of the most standout features of each brands products, and most baby monitors offer a lot more than what we have mentioned, so take a close look and compare products before purchasing a baby monitor.

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