How to get your children to love reading

Boy readingWe all know reading skills are important to success in school. Reading helps your child to develop a broader vocabulary and to build their imagination. However, learning to read is a big challenge for many children, writes Kenny Wong.

As a parent, you actually play a very important role in your child’s reading development. Children who are first learning to read usually get more information from listening than from reading independently. As your children’s reading skills improve, they will begin to read independently.

But before reaching that stage, you can read the books aloud with your child and run your finger under the line. This will help your children to build their vocabulary, improve their reading skills and foster a sense of connection and closeness between you and your children.

Create a reading corner

Creating the right reading environment is very important. You can surround your child with reading materials, such as story books and kids’ magazines at their reading level. Once you have all the reading materials in place, you can then create a reading corner so your children can read in a bright and quiet place. Avoid reading with the television on or with any music playing in the background as it will distract the child.

Reserving some time every day for reading is another method that you should try. Reading time doesn’t need to be an hour long, it can be 10 to 15 minutes before bedtime as both you and your child are relaxed. The more regularly you do it, the higher chance that your child will continue this habit even as they grow up.

If you have any concerns about your child’s reading level, you can always talk to your child’s teacher. In some cases, children may have difficulties learning to read. However, most kids can become readers if they receive the right educational help.

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